Give me Vietnamese pho any day

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13 Responses to Give me Vietnamese pho any day

  1. Eric says:

    I had my first bowl of Honest to God real deal ramen last winter. The difference between that and the instant stuff in my kitchen… night and day. I DREAM about it, it was so good.

  2. Unclezip says:

    Ramen was invented for the express purpose of causing heart disease in American college students.

  3. Mike_C says:

    heart disease
    Yeah, the fried instant ramen is pretty dire in terms of ingredients. But now NON-fried instant ramen is available (at least at some Asian supermarkets – not sure about the average Kroger or Piggly Wiggly) and it has WAY the hell less saturated fat. Also, no need to dump in the entire “flavor” packet which generally contains enough sodium to put a heart failure patient into hospital needing IV Lasix and a metolazone “primer”. Not to mention the solid-at-room temperature (danger, Will Robinson!) fatty stuff in the other packet.

    Good (non-instant) ramen rocks. But my system doesn’t deal well with soba (buckwheat noodles: hmmm, is it racist – and homophobic – to refuse to eat Buckwheat noodles?).

    Not a fan of pho. For some reason I am hungry within an hour after eating pho.

  4. When I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan I found out what REAL ramen was. Oh MY G-D!

  5. Ragnar says:

    Haven’t had a decent bowl of ramen since I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. Miss it. So good on a cold winter evening. Curry udon was outstanding too.

  6. Angel says:

    Spouse was forward deployed aboard the USS Midway out of Yokosuka. Bowls of noodles haunt his dreams. We finally found a Vietnamese restaurant in Amarillo that comes close to what he remembers.

  7. D in 10 says:

    Good news, bout a mile away from me in Knoxville for the next time you get East: Pho` 99
    Pretty darn wonderful.

  8. Lylelovett666 says:

    I could eat ramen three times a day for the rest of my life. The stuff you pick up at the local grocery store is good,but the Japanese market in downtown Seattle has about two hundred varieties & most are better than the every day stuff. Much better. One called mama that’s the amazing.

  9. Some markets around here stock good ramen noodles (no ‘flavor packets’); add chicken broth, sliced green onion, shiitake mushrooms, sliced cooked chicken breast and season. Heaven.

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