Guess the race

MILWAUKEE — A man walked behind a counter and punched a worker in the face at a south side George Webb restaurant.

The attack happened early on June 29 at the restaurant at South 21st and Mitchell streets.

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5 Responses to Guess the race

  1. I understand they know who he is, just haven’t found him yet.

    • Griffin says:

      Start looking in Chicongo.

      I live in Wisconsin, but not in the Milwaukee tv market so I don’t see this kind of news. Richie Cunningham’s home town is no longer the idyllic working man’s town, it has become a slightly better example than Chicago and it’s gangland nightmares.

  2. bob says:

    only one mistake made. why didn’t she shoot the reggin.

    • Eric says:

      Because he made the right choice and backed off. I hear shooting assholes is almost not worth the hassle.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    No “racism” bellowing from the Liberal media. I guess the racist Blvd. is one way.

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