Guess the race

USA –-( A recent and apparently ongoing series of “incidents’ have been occurring near Elkhorn and Fort Apache here in Las Vegas. It involves as many as 60 middle school students from a nearby school.

The mob of children are apparently stealing things, grabbing purses from pedestrians and passing vehicles as well as breaking windows with thrown rocks.

Local FOX 5 news (KVVU) (and several private citizen ) have published cell phone videos one of these attacks from May 2018. FOX 5 interviewed the victims and attempted to get an explanation from School Police and LVMPD as why nothing is being done.

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16 Responses to Guess the race

  1. Craig says:

    The South Park answer to “People who annoy you” would be correct.

  2. nonncom says:

    Gun….shoot….lock on another target….fire if needed….next day, repeat….don’t stop until it is no longer a problem….of course, more than one person needs to perform these actions….my wife is a teacher…..she was assaulted by a first grader….the cop told her it doesn’t matter the age or size of the perpetrator of an assault, you are legally within your rights to defend yourself….if the little bastard is trying to stab you with a pencil knock him into next week….we all saw what John Wick was capable of with a pencil….

  3. Gryphon says:

    If a Victim of one of these Flash Mob Attacks so much as Touched one Nappy Hair on the head of their Attacker, the Po-Lice would Arrest them, and the Courts would Jail them for Hate Crimes…

    • Mike_C says:

      Sadly true.

      What the people behind the “eternal sainted victim class” policies don’t understand (or won’t contemplate) is that at some point, when a designated Eternal Oppressor defends himself and ends up killing a sainted victim chile (and that 17-yo 180-lb victim chile was a just a funny chill dude what loved his momma, made everyone laugh and had dreams and aspirations and was gonna go to medical school despite a 4th grade reading level and he didn’t deserve to die just ’cause he was trying to re-arrange the EO’s face with a tire iron), the EO is going to understand that his own life is over as of that moment even though he is still breathing — and as the saying goes,

      After the first one, the rest are all free.

      In a target-rich environment mob situation like that in the video, the questions are then, “How many rounds do I have left, did I bring my spare magazines, and did I put in enough range time? Guess we’ll find out about the last point.” Or alternatively, “To Mozambique* or not Mozambique?”

      If you push real Americans to the wall, and ensure that they have no legal recourse (and will in fact be punished for being victimized) it will not end peacefully.

      I have this mental picture of the Deadpool character “breaking the fourth wall” and asking the movie audience, “Is it racist to Mozambique-drill a black guy? Isn’t that like assuming a Chinese dude wants egg rolls for lunch?” I’m SO conflicted by this!”

      • Wirecutter says:

        I’ve never been in that position (attacked by underage thugs) but I can assure you that I’ll take a threat as a threat no matter what the age.
        The thing is, at my age even a 25 year old looks like a kid, so what am I supposed to do – ask for ID before defending myself and my wife?

    • warhorse says:

      simple enough. don’t get caught. kill a few of them, and melt back into the woodwork. a .22 rifle firing shorts out a 2nd floor window. good luck figuring out where it came from. and even if you don’t kill them…they’ll think twice, won’t they?

    • Brad says:

      If that’s truly the case, then you might as well empty your entire magazine in to them.

      Might as well get your moneys worth, while performing a public service.

  4. David says:

    Just another example of a failing society & social group.

  5. Frank says:

    Right on noncom!

  6. Steve the Engineer says:

    Las Vegas Police department. . . .. gee willickers Batman, it seems to me I recall other situations where the LVMPD totally screwed the pooch . . . . . can you say “Mandalay Bay” ?

  7. jack says:

    I’m still laughing at the use of the plural “parents.” as if there is one father anywhere in that zip code.

  8. Gordon says:

    Stick you hand or head in my truck and it will get cut. That’s what these little welfare thugs need.

  9. Cap says:

    It would almost be worthwhile to drive there and let them try reaching in my outfit with my dog inside. I don’t care who you are, that would be funny right there!

  10. Texan says:

    Catch some of the fuckers and fucking shave their head! It will embarrass the hell out of them. Just shave a big ass chunk. That way all their friends will notice. Grow some balls, people!!

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