Gunwerks to add 75 jobs

Stressed for space just two years after moving from Burlington to a larger facility in Cody, Gunwerks is looking to further expand its manufacturing space.

Forward Cody CEO James Klessens said the custom long-range rifle company expects to add 75 positions, upping its total to 112, with a base pay for most employees of $18 per hour with a 12 percent benefit package.

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2 Responses to Gunwerks to add 75 jobs

  1. warhorse says:

    a recent visit from the Colt CEO to NH has rumors going about Colt moving north from CT. there was a large parcel of land in londonderry that was set aside for an Amazon warehouse that didn’t go through. it would be good to see it go there.

    • Padawan says:

      If it’s where I think it is (out by the airport) there’s a city bus that goes right by there.

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