Hmmm, this doesn’t look good…

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  1. Sarthurk says:

    Has ANYONE? thought about the Psycho Chick possibility?

    Come on Guys, It happens!

  2. Critter says:

    Straight to Facebook

  3. crazyeighter says:

    Looks like she got some pretty good distance on the shoes.

  4. C.R. says:

    He sure did fuck up ! Never buy the cheap trash bags !

  5. C.R. says:

    never mind , looks like she didnt use any trash bags just launched it all off the balcony

  6. Skip says:

    Drove by a Drs. mansion and all his shit was chucked out on the lawn. Golf clubs, clothes, all his shit. Musta took her all day.

  7. Flugelman says:

    Good thing he didn’t have a bicycle, that toss would’ve fucked it up fer sure.

  8. philinpueblo says:

    I’m a landlord and know you can’t just throw people out like that. They have “tennant’s rights”. My daughter has been living in a rental house I own and had a boyfriend living with her. When the relationship went to shit he simply refused to leave, even though he was unemployed and making no contribution to the finances of the household. I was told by my property manager, lawyer and police (they were called due to a violent argument in front of my grand daughters) there was nothing I could do without a court eviction order. Once he was convinced I would get that order, he left – I guess he didn’t want to see his shit on the sidewalk with 2 sheriff’s deputies standing there (I’ve done it before, I know the drill). I have some recommendations for women (my daughter’s age – mid 30’s), gleaned after 68 years on this earth:

    Make sure your new boyfriend isn’t married. This clown was and spent entirely too much time with his wife and kid.
    Make sure he has a JOB. Not off and on work off the books, but a real job that gets him a W2 in January.
    He should have his own place to live – not some friend’s couch.
    He should have a car (or truck, whatever) well maintained, licensed and insured.
    If he has kids from a previous relationship, he should be up-to-date on child support. My daughter’s previous squeeze had a big back child support debt. After two years of freeloading off her (and me), he paid it off and almost immediately dumped her for another gal.
    And, of course, moderation with drugs and booze. Weed is everywhere in CO, but anything stronger is a red light.

    My daughter is 35 years old, tall and slim and pretty. I really don’t understand why she can’t attract better men. She violates the above 6 suggestions EVERY TIME. It’s frustrating.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It’s the same way in California – if the person spent one night there or has ever had a single piece of mail there, he/she is considered to be legally living there and they have to be evicted by process.
      In California, they have a 60 day notice to vacate they have to serve instead of a 30 day notice. Not sure how it is anywhere else.

      Yeah, I don’t know what it is about women and bad boys either. You’d think they’d want a man that worked full time, doesn’t have someone on the side, and pays his bills on time, but that just ain’t so.
      Don’t give up hope. She’ll see the light someday.

  9. Padawan says:

    Fucked around and found out.

  10. California southpaw says:

    I evicted my son and two friends from one of my rentals for partying the neighborhood up a little too much. Third time I get a call is the charm!
    He’s now renting my house near the base with an Air Force buddy. Not one fucking issue. Heh.

  11. spiffy says:

    THE LEASE: Have in the lease-a clause that says ONLY people ON THE LEASE are allowed to stay in the house. There is a initialed blank next to it. Signed…
    Call the police-show them the lease.
    See ya later freeloader!
    Only rent to folks who are cool with that clause!
    My neighbor in IL just went thru this…
    No Prob! BYEEE shithead!
    I give him points for legalese and verifying when he started renting;)-
    Funny too, at first our local PO said, I can’t make him leave… (Not that he liked the situation either)
    Then neighbor said “Officer, Read this clause in the lease!
    Cop turned around and said- “OH! In that case, You you and you- OUT NOW!”
    The freeloaders were butthurt “and wanted to pack”, Cop said NOPE! OUT!
    Neighbor was cool with putting their stuff at the curb himself. No damage to the interior property.
    It was totally effing cool seeing the good guy pull ahead for once ;)-

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