In Macon County news this week:

A woman faces a variety of charges following an incident that took place at the Lafayette Walmart on June 26.

Lafayette’s Dione N. Dyer, 30, attempted to flee from Lafayette Police Department officers before she was chased down by a civilian.

According to the arrest report, Sgt. Jeff Hix and Elliot Sandifer were dispatched to Walmart, and Dyer attempted to get away from Hix, who was trying to secure a wad of baggies.

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5 Responses to In Macon County news this week:

  1. Cederq says:

    Hey Kenny, ya got her phone number? She looks like a tiger! Sporty, my kind of woman…

  2. Michael says:

    30 years old?? She looks pretty ragged for 50.

  3. fatman says:

    See Wirecutter it ain’t just Florida

  4. Bacon says:

    Even in Macon County? Is there no place left to get away from this shit?

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