Let me guess: His finger slipped

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18 Responses to Let me guess: His finger slipped

  1. warhorse says:

    I’ve noticed a trend here. 2 cops, both giving contradictory orders. you can’t obey both. but if you don’t you get shot. like “don’t move” and “hands up”.

    and if you ask them for clarification you’re “non-compliant” and still get shot.

    • Dan says:

      You sir are correct. And it’s NOT AN ACCIDENT. It’s a tactic that LEO use as an excuse to escalate force when no legitimate excuse exists. You also can see it when they go to arrest someone. They grab you by the arm and then SHOVE YOU….when your AUTONOMIC REFLEXES cause you to respond in an attempt to keep from falling they IMMEDIATELY beat the shit out of you while screaming STOP RESISTING…..and then charge you with “resisting arrest”….a MANUFACTURED CHARGE that they DELIBERATLY CREATED. Criminals learn how to be better criminals from each other in prison. Badgemonkeys learn how to be more effective criminals from each other in the Station House. The ONLY difference between the two groups is one group have badges and immunity from accountability.

  2. Joe says:

    No wonder the negros hate cops.
    Little man who can’t restrain his desire to use his authority any time he has a chance to demonstrate it.

  3. Arc says:

    Biggest criminal organization in the history of all mankind. The USA and all supposedly free peoples would be better off without cops.

  4. bob PUCK says:

    Want to bet his body camera was somehow turned off?

  5. kdts says:

    They forgot to beat the shit outa;em! What kinda soldiers are they? /s

  6. Craig says:

    Am I the only one who agrees this idiot should have been tased. The police officer told him to stick his legs straight out. He did it halfway. Then they told him to put them straight out again and cross them. What did this guy do, he pulled them back in. He was told eight times to stick his legs out straight. I would have tased the crap out of the guy also.

    • Mike G. says:

      Craig, the “idiot” is probably DIP, that horrible threat to public safety.

      Dead lock cinch the two cops are playing “simon says” with a poor drunk bastard, hoping to get an excuse to deploy the non-lethal force. And they got the win.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      There was no threat, so there was no need for the government employee to use force against the citizen. Just another cop who should die in prison.

      Better a cop take an ass beating than he use force against an innocent person.

  7. singlestack says:

    Fucking pussies.

  8. roadgeek says:

    And cops wonder where all the goodwill went.

    • rocketride says:

      And with what’s going on in DC, the ‘ruling classes’ will also be wondering where our respect for the law went. (Different parts of the same beast.)

  9. Tsquared says:

    Another case of police brutality. It happens way too often.

  10. Dan says:

    The TASER was created, marketed and acquired as a LESS THAN LETHAL ALTERNATIVE to a firearm. A method to be used by LEO in SELF DEFENSE when LETHAL MEANS were not justified. Instead it has been contorted and mutated into a torture method used by lazy incompetent badgemonkeys who CANNOT and WILL NOT do their jobs properly and lawfully.
    It has become nothing more than the modern day version of the plantation masters whip.

    • Chet says:

      My attitude is this. If any poLice wants to carry a taser, then twice a year they have to undergo a tasing to them. And it has to be made public. Watching this kind of stupidity from morons makes me want to sniper one of our morons. This town has the dumbest cops I have ever seen. One of them is so fat, that when there’s an emergency and he has to haul ass, he has to make two fucking trips. No shit!

  11. rayvet says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t be a cop. I’d have tased him twice just for being a non complying drunk. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. His prize for the day was he received a little shock. To bad so sad. Oh and the Rican in the background going bro, bro, bro. He was there for comic relief.

  12. CC says:

    If you think cops have the RIGHT to treat citizens like this, congratulations, you’re already a plantation slave.

  13. Ed357 says:

    Pull the freaking tasers…..

    The police are reluctant to get in a hand to hand physical controntation…..

    But they’ll tase your ass in a heartbeat…..

    Before tasers these police civilian interactions were…..well civil.


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