Man, that would look so cool in my front yard

A 150-year-old guillotine with “a few dents on the blade” will go under the hammer in Paris on Wednesday.

The 10-foot (three-metre) tall instrument of execution which was used to dispatch criminals in France until 1977 is in working order.

But the Drouot auction house insisted that the model was built as a replica and has never been used to behead anyone.

The sale of guillotines has been highly controversial in France where the death penalty was only abolished in 1981, with the French auction watchdog already objecting to the auction.

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5 Responses to Man, that would look so cool in my front yard

  1. rick says:

    It would be great to park it in front of the homes of the asshole politicians.

  2. Towser says:

    Needs a sign – If you’re with Her – Vote Here!

  3. nonncom says:

    Buy it and install it on the capitol steps in DC….then, use it on any elected asshole who gets caught using their position for their own personal gain….

  4. rob says:

    “The last person to die on the guillotine in France was Tunisian Hamida Djandoubi, who was executed in a Marseille prison in September 1977 after being convicted of the torture and murder of a young woman.”

    The French need to pick up where they left off.

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