Oh, for Pistol Pete’s sake…

“The World Needs More Cowboys.”

This proposed new slogan for the University of Wyoming was meant to be “inclusive, by design,” according to the marketing campaign flier that was obtained by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“This is not a campaign to reinforce regressive stereotypes of Cowboys from the pop-cultural past,” the flier states. “This is a campaign to rewrite them.”

The flier goes on to explain how this campaign is an opportunity to “celebrate people in every corner” because “Cowboys come in every sex, shape, color and creed” at the University of Wyoming.

But despite the attempt to use “Cowboy” — the school’s mascot — as an inclusive term, some people who work for the university found the proposed slogan and campaign to be sexist and racist, the Laramie Boomerang reported.

“This is a sexist slogan,” Faculty Senate president Donal O’Toole told The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Perhaps if these enlightened and educated people studied Western American history, they’d realize that there was actually a disproportionate number of black cowboys to whites when you take into consideration the population of both races in the US at the time.
Yes, it’s true – the cattle industry hit one hell of a boom in the late 1860s after the War was over and more than a few newly freed slaves packed up their shit and hit the dusty trail to ki-yi-yippie-ki-yay their lives away.
And don’t tell anybody this, but there were tons of Mexican cowboys too…..

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11 Responses to Oh, for Pistol Pete’s sake…

  1. Dutch says:

    and those wild west cowboys stole a lot of tack ideas from the Mexicans and modified much more to suit their own taste and needs
    CM Dutch

  2. Andy says:

    “This is not a campaign to reinforce regressive stereotypes of Cowboys”

    Regressive? Ever see Brokeback Mountain?

    Fuck me!

    Wait. That came out wrong. Nevermind.

  3. SgtBob says:

    Yeah, but there weren’t any wimmins cattle persons.

  4. rayvet says:

    From my understanding of the western lifestyle and cowboys in particular, Mexicans were some of the best, and most sought after cowboys of the day. Apparently, many of them had been living the “cowboy” lifestyle long before the American folks moved Westward.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Sure, they were running cattle in Texas and California long before the white boys showed up. Matter of fact, most of California’s cowboys weren’t cowboys at all, they were vaqueros – and California had some huge cattle ranches in the 19th and early 20th century.

  5. Tsgt Joe says:

    Kenny, what the f……, you mean there was more than clint eastwood?

  6. STW says:

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if some of these college types would see this as a chance to educate instead of pontificate. The normally cited figure is 25% of cowboys were black. Apparently Hollywood missed that. Go figure.

  7. woowweey!-luis says:

    Heard they also be “Gyptians”

  8. Aesop says:

    And they were also overwhelmingly cowboys, not cowmen, besides being over-represented by rural yutes of color.

    What a shock (not): John Wayne’s The Cowboys movie hits closer to historical truth than the liberal rubbish at the local socialist indoctrination centers.

    Who’d’a thunk it?

  9. Sendarius says:

    What a surprise:

    “This is sexist,” said Donal O’TOOLe.

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