So California’s having a heat wave right now…

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2 Responses to So California’s having a heat wave right now…

  1. Tom MacGyver says:

    I just spent four days in San Diego on business. San Diego is officially a 3rd World shit-hole now, following the proud examples of San Francisco and L.A. There are bums everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE. The only place that didn’t smell like urine was the hotel room, and that was only if I kept the balcony door closed. I went to a sandwich shop I’ve gone to for the last fifteen years when in town. The woman making the sandwiches couldn’t speak enough English to call out the name of the sandwich in a way that could be understood by ANYONE. Restaurants come and go in the Historic District; that’s a given. What was astounding was the number of restaurants that have gone, with no new ones backfilling them; lots of empty storefronts. How’s that homeless/illegal welcome mat, that $15.00 minimum wage, and those insane taxes working out for ‘ya, “governor” Brown?

  2. Steve the Engineer says:

    The shed with the A/C unit reminds me of China – Chinese people require “fresh air” even when it is 105 F and 99% humidity. So they leave the windows open. All the time. And run their air conditioners full tilt to try to keep it cool inside. Hey premier-for-life Mr. Xi, here’s an opportunity for China to reduce carbon emissions – educate the population on the basics of how air conditioners condense humidity out of the air, and keeping windows open makes the machines fight against the tide. If you want it cool inside – keep the freaking windows closed !

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