Some Californians get to practice off-grid living

In a move straight out of the Soviet Union handbook, PG&E has warned they may cut electrical power to some California residents during “extreme weather” to help prevent wildfires.
This comes after some poorly maintained Pacific Gas and Electric power lines have been determined to have started last year’s deadly wildfires in the Napa Valley wine country area.

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5 Responses to Some Californians get to practice off-grid living

  1. Let me guess, the experienced linemen who used to maintain the wires got tired of the price of gas, housing and beer in the Golden State (as well as seeing the huge bite from taxes on their overtime) and moved to Texas.

    Think I’m right?

  2. Peter B says:

    It’s all the citizens’ fault. PG&E has a right to keep its share prices high, so it pays for its fuckups out of what it collects from its customers. They skimp maintenance and keep fucking up, so this naturally requires higher utility rates. Then the stupid customers put pressure on the legislature and PG&E doesn’t get all the rate increases it wants.

  3. Walnut1 says:

    PGE gets blamed because they have the deepest pockets. Cal Fire is a bloated bureaucracy of $150k a year “safety officers”. The cost of them putting out fires exceeds the value of property saved. Create a safe space around your house and have a plan or move to the city.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Napa Valley wine country? Where Nancy Pelosi has her family vineyards?

    That practice is dead on arrival.

  5. Joe says:

    These people around here deserve it. Whenever the tree contractors working for PGE show to do line clearance work the bitching comes to a roar. They don’t want to have their version of a forest changed. The second a fire is caused because the line workers gave up, the ambulance chasers are on speed dial by the same bitchers. I live north of Sacramento in the foothills and the influx of these Bay Area idiots is only moving my escape from the PRC closer.

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