Some Juan Corona victims may still be buried

When Richard McPherrin found a rectangle-shaped hole on his Sutter County property in the spring of 1971, he assumed it had been dug by farm workers for an outhouse.

The pharmacist and part-time farmer had been working in his recently purchased orchards at night.

He filled in the hole by the light of his truck’s headlights and a shovel.

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2 Responses to Some Juan Corona victims may still be buried

  1. Elmo says:

    Remember it like it was yesterday.
    Thanks for the memories, IR.

  2. T.Rose says:

    They don’t dig holes much in my neck of the woods in Oklahoma. They just take them to an oilfield site and drop them in the rat hole lime them over, and shovel dirt down until the body is covered. That or take them out on the Canadian or Cimarron and put them down until a flood hauls them out of the thickets.Three can keep a secret if two are dead.

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