Still a trainwreck, I see Pt III

Heather Locklear will soon move from the psychiatric ward at an L.A.-area hospital to a long-term facility so doctors, psychiatrists and others can help her deal with serious substance abuse as well as mental health issues … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Heather’s family tell us … doctors at the hospital where she was taken after her latest arrest have conducted a battery of tests that have painted a clear picture … Heather’s problems involve substance abuse and mental health in equal measure, although it’s possible the latter is even more serious than the former.

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3 Responses to Still a trainwreck, I see Pt III

  1. gamachinist says:

    Substance abuse and mental health issues often go together ( as I’m sure Kenny knows from dealing with homeless people).
    I’m not sure which causes the other.

    I had to deal with someone with those problems a couple of years ago. I thought the Zanex and Hydrocodone were the problem, but she over took her prescriptions until she ran out ( I don’t think she even knew what day it was or the time of day, so she just took more and more).
    Then the real problems began. I finally had to send her to the hospital and they sent her on to a mental health treatment center. She got better, but was never able to be on her on again.
    I don’t know if the drug use caused the mental problems to be worse or not.

  2. pigpen51 says:

    I actually feel bad for Heather. She was a pretty gal, who had little talent, but still made a living at her chosen profession. But just like many of us regular people, life kicks just as hard at the celebrities, without caring who they are.
    I hope that for her families sake, she is able to get helped, and to live a somewhat normal life.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    This is a prime example of what living at “Melrose Place” all those years will do to ya! Hell, I have cognitive issues just from being forced to watch that crap (by a female) instead of “Judge Judy”.

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