The Rhodesian Bush War


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5 Responses to The Rhodesian Bush War

  1. warhorse says:

    I wonder how much better africa would have been if they had just supported Rhodesia.

  2. timothy lyle kies says:

    I remember that quite well. I graduated high school that year. The world was a tinderbox, if you were paying attention.

  3. Doc says:

    Or if Andrew Young and Jimmy Carter hadn’t sold them out. Another example of the USA backing the wrong side, AKA we backed the communist rebels. How’d that turn out for us and the region. Ah the memories. Oh to be young again. I don’t remember a lot of airplanes and helicopters though. Trucks, horses and leather personnel carriers.

  4. Stretch says:

    One of my favorite stickers reads “Ian was right.”
    Alas, so long ago most people don’t understand it.

  5. Sabre22 says:

    Just compare Rhodesia to Zimbabwe.Rhodesia used to feed southern Africa. i read an article a few months ago In it some Blacks in Zimbabwe said they would like to go back to white rule. Even though they had fewer rights then they at least had jobs and food. South Africa is headed that way in the next year or two. Then China will move in and take them both over. By Bye Gulf oil and Strategic Minerals

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