What the fuck?

The Port of Wilmington in Delaware is about to be sold to Gulftainer, a Middle East-based company overseen by Dr. Hamid Jafar, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction chief, and owned by his sons.

On today’s episode of Howley Reports, I break down what’s really going on in Delaware as the General Assembly is about to vote on the sale of a massive strategic U.S. port to a company that has three active contracts with the Russians. The Democratic Party approves of this sale.

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8 Responses to What the fuck?

  1. warhorse says:

    sounds a lot worse than when we sold Long Beach to the fucking chinese. the chinese have billions of reasons not to kill us. iraq? not so much.

    anyone else read “the third terrorist” by jayna davis?

  2. Unclezip says:

    Russians! Russians! Russians!
    The Russians I know around here snigger at all this.

  3. POd American says:

    “The Democratic Party approves of this sale”

    Of course they do, what else would you expect from the One World crowd. BTW, what gives them the right to sell this property to anyone?

  4. rick says:

    From the article I linked,

    “In 2012 Gulftainer tried to “take over control” of the Port of Jacksonville, just 31 miles from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. Gulftainer also set its sights on the Port of Baltimore and “ports in the Northeast United States” in 2013. An anonymous source overheard senior Gulftainer officials discussing the Port of Galveston. The Port of Galveston is located 31 miles from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

    The deceptively-named GT USA is a shadowy, UAE-based operation. Gulftainer’s Port Canaveral terminal has been eerily and inexplicably quiet.

    Gulftainer’s GT USA promised a $100 million investment and 500 jobs at the port itself, as well as 2000 indirect and spin off jobs, depending on business conditions. Now, more than two years after signing the Port Canaveral lease, Gulftainer’s Peter Richards has admitted to investing under $5 million plus port payments and only hiring around 30 people, including security guards and stevedores.

    The international container business is flat to non-existent. One wonders what Gulftainer is doing in Port Canaveral, one of America’s most sensitive national security zones.”

  5. Hillbilly says:

    If something was to blow up there….. It could be terrorist related, just saying.

  6. Djamer says:

    I heard about this the other day. They are exploiting a loop-hole to bypass congressional approval of the sale. As they did for Canaveral during Obuminton times. . . This may be the actual setup for multiple arrivals of the inevitable dirty-bombs that will ring the death knell for U.S. all. I will go down fighting, to the best of my meager abilities. . .

  7. John Eperjesi says:

    Primary port for autos being shipped to the middle east. Way back when Chevy changed the body style of the Suburbans, I worked out of a railhead delivering new cars. Our terminal was taking 200 of them every day to the port. We could only fit 5 on a truck. What was hilarious is I was delivering them to local dealers also. One dealers total allotment for the year was one Suburban.

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