Why, it could’ve taken out the entire city

A California Highway Patrol car caught fire on Highway 24 in Lafayette Tuesday morning, forcing the freeway to close for a short time, authorities said.

An auto technician was returning to Oakland’s CHP office at 3601 Telegraph Avenue after an appointment at Walnut Creek Ford for a “transmission-related” issue, said Officer Herman Baza, a spokesman for the Oakland CHP office.

“He noticed the car just started smoking from the front of the car, so he pulled over and pulled out the fire extinguisher,” Baza said. “The fire…he said it was a matter of seconds and the car was just lit, and he got overhwlemed and he called 911.”


The heat from the flames caused the ammunition in the car to “explode” in the car, the Lafayette Police Department said in a Nixle alert. All CHP patrol cars have ammunition “locked-up and secure” in the firearms inside the vehicle, said Baza.

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