Yeah, that’ll keep it from happening to somebody else’s kid

The family of an EU official’s teenage daughter who was allegedly raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany has asked for well-wishers to donate money to a refugee charity.

Medical student Maria Ladenburger, who had also taken time out to help asylum seekers as a volunteer, was found dead in a river in the south-western German university city of Freiburg in October.

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13 Responses to Yeah, that’ll keep it from happening to somebody else’s kid

  1. Cavguy says:

    Who was it that said, “that does not compute”?

    Have these men list their spin?

  2. California southpaw says:

    So, Abdul gets paid to have sex with your daughters. Got it.

  3. Sanders says:

    Wow, I knew the Germans were pretty damned stupid, but that takes the cake.

    • Some of us are pretty damned stupid, I will admit that. But definitely not all of us. You will find do-gooders and bleeding-heart liberals everywhere, not only in Germany. However, in Germany the political landscape is moving and the reign of Angela Merkel will not last forever: very probably we will have state and federal elections in the near future. A lot will change then. Be patient; wait and see.

      • POd American says:

        Martin, You are correct. This story could have easily been about someone from Kommiefornia or Assholechusetts.

        I sincerely hope that there is enough national will in Germany and the rest of Europe to oust and hang Merkel and her ilk.

    • MIke_C says:

      Not stupidity. As someone once said, you have to have very HIGH intelligence to deliberately believe in something that wrong, and to insist on continuing to believe it even after overwhelming evidence that you were wrong.

      I had a long screed written, that included phrases such as “lamppost and stout rope” and “go to hell blind, since you deliberately lived your life that way” but maybe not a smart thing to post, if anyone ends up decorating a lamp post somewhere in Germany, so I won’t say it.

      Psychologically speaking, I can see why Dr Clemens Ladenburger (EU lawyer, father of the murdered girl, and strong supporter of “migrants”) doubled down on his madness, but I cannot forgive him for the clear harm he did to his own daughter, through his support of wrong and evil policies, and the encouragement he doubtless gave to his daughter in her mixing with the so-called refugees. Not to mention all the other Maria Ladenburgers he, through his work with the EU, is setting up. Persons such as he are not only fools, but wicked fools.

  4. anonymous says:

    What the hell are they putting into the water / food that is perverting their thoughts that immigrants have a right to hurt – kill European children and not protest against it ? Its ‘Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s’ or something.

  5. Veeshir says:

    The Hun is either at your feet or at your throat.
    I’ve been expecting the throat thing but keep getting the feet thing.

  6. rayvet says:

    I was always raised that a parent does WHATEVER it takes to protect their own children. I would think if I failed in that regard, I would kick it into overtime to make up for my failure and be sure it doesn’t happen to someone else. Seems to me that some people just don’t learn from their mistakes.

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Proof: World wide, not strictly a German problem: Many people are so stupid they don’t know they’re stupid!

  8. truthzzzz says:

    Part of Europe’s suicide and the glorification of such suicidal thoughts.

    These cases should be often brought back up into the consciousnesses of people so their conscience can kick in.

  9. fjord says:

    civilizational suicide

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