A helping hand, please?

Hi Kenny, I know it’s a Saturday and that you take them off and don’t like to be bothered but this is a time sensitive need so I am sending this anyway.
There is a hard luck guy on both of our Blogrolls who has been foreclosed on and him and his wife are literally looking at living under an overpass until he can scrape enough money together to rent a truck to get from Oklahoma to Minnesota so they can live with some friends. It’s a long story but this guy has been through the wringer and only has the use of one arm on top of everything else.
His name is Steven Vanderhoff, his wife’s name is Rose and his Blog is The Voices In My Head. His post from last February after I hadn’t heard from him in a long time and asked about him should give you an idea of what this guy has been through.

I tried helping him out with a plea for help over at my place and a bunch of people stepped up to the plate but I just don’t have the readership like you do and I know you have helped many people in the past.
We both know about stubborn pride and we both know hard times but there comes a time when you need to ask for a hand and this is that time.
He is short $300 of the $800 he needs just to rent the truck. Apparently between what I did for him and what my readers came up with it amounted to several hundred dollars. That’s just to rent the truck. He is going to need fuel and travel expenses also.
This is already too long so I am going to cut it off by asking to see if you can help out here, it’s time sensitive because he needs any donations to be in the paypal system by Monday so he can get the truck and get it loaded.
I thank you big time for your attention to this , you are a good man just for all the help you have already done for so many other folks already and I’m sorry to have to bother you with this, especially on your day off.
Thank you very much,
The Vulgar Curmudgeon.


You can send your donations through paypal. His account address there is xenolith1964@yahoo.com
You can use your debit or credit card if you don’t have a paypal account.
Please do not send any money to my PO Box to forward along. I do not have a physical address for them.

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18 Responses to A helping hand, please?

  1. Joe says:

    Many of us have had a few hard times and now i can pay it forward.

    Good luck.

  2. tctsunami says:

    A little help sent. We have all been there and know how hard life can be. I too am glad I can pay it forward as well. May he and his wife have safe travels.

  3. Bman says:

    Welcome to the Frozen Tundra Steven and Rose! God Bless!

  4. Smokin'Q says:

    Anyone who has gone through what this man has deserves a helping hand. I was not able to do much, but even I could throw the man a Jackson ($20) to help him out. I wish only the best for him and his wife in their new location. The current situation he now finds himself in could easily be most of us also. How many paychecks away from the dire circumstances he is now facing are any of us? Probably not many. I would hope that others would do the same for me in similar circumstances. Thanks for posting Curmudgeon’s request Kenny, even if it was your day off. I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

  5. drjim says:

    Send him some $$ to help get him to where they need to be….

  6. Bildo says:

    I’ve needed a miracle or two myself. I’m in.

  7. Murph says:

    Me too…..

  8. Kenny the Scot says:

    I always try to help out in these situations but can’t do it just now. I’ve had to make some extra payouts, & buy some extra food to store up, before going in to hospital on Wednesday for surgery. No medical bills, but plenty more of every other possible variety. I’m down to my last £100, which has to last me until the end of the month, and I’ve just been signed off work for six weeks. So I’m pretty fucked at the moment, money-wise.

    • pigpen51 says:


      Best wishes on your surgery. I wasn’t actually going to send money, I have been just super busy. But I will send it, in your honor, because I know you have helped in the past. Rest well, and take care of yourself.

      • Kenny the Scot says:

        Thanks, that means a lot.

        • pigpen51 says:

          Not a single one of us have escaped life with out an issue or two. I am just grateful to a merciful and graceful God that my family is now not only debt free, but actually have two nickles to rub together. Not rich, by any means, but we have the ability to send a small donation, at nearly time.
          For those who don’t believe in a soverign God, I don’t mean to harp on you. But for myself, I have had it proven to me over and over again, that someone is looking out for me, even when life is dark.
          I simply must relay this story. I used to drive 40 miles each way to work, often in the wee hours of the morning. Once at about 3 am, I was feeling like questioning the Lord, and said “God if you are real, let the next car I see have only one headlight.” I know, not something you should do, to test the Lord. But I did it anyway. I had about 15 or so miles to continue to my foundry job. So, while so early in the morning, the number of autos would be somewhat limited, but I say this with the utmost truth, the very next car I met, had a headlight burned out. Wow, was I stoked. Until the next car, which had the same burned out headlight burned out.
          Now, the part that many won’t believe, but I swear is true, and I avoid lying like the plague, every single car that I saw, from that point until I arrived at work, had either a headlight burned out, or flickering off and on. It must have been a total of over 20 cars, over a 15 minute drive. When I got to work, I simply was so moved, that I had to sit there in my car until just before I had to get in and on the clock. Just reading what happened to me, sounds like a put on, or made up, but since I have not been shown to be a liar, please believe that it was completely true.
          I know the verses that speak about not testing the Lord, and know that He doesn’t have to answer our calls. But this did happen, and it was what caused me to begin to attend Bible college. Remember, even Gideon laid a fleece to gain the Lords direction.
          It was from this, along with a horrific car accident a short time later, that reinforced my desire to learn more about God, and His ways, and set me on a path of learning just who He is and what His plan was for me in particular. Trust me, when you feel God grabbing the back of your neck and shaking you, telling you that it is time to get busy with your calling, you tend to take notice, in a very wide eyed and open way. For that I will evermore be grateful.
          I have a twin brother who was always in a bind, in high school, with pot smoking, a girl getting pregnant, and various other troubles. I had called on the Lord at a young age, of perhaps 9, and felt like I was accepted, and forgiven. I shed many tears at that time, as I was truly repentant of my sinful nature, and I knew that God forgave me, but never knew that more was required. At the age of 18 or 19, with the events that were to take place in just a few months, it was as if God grabbed me by the neck and shook me, telling me it was time to get busy.
          I took to study of the Bible like a fat kid in a candy store. I memorized entire books of the Bible, and many, many passages as well. I was called to entire Bible college, with the intent of becoming a Pastor. Due to circumstances involving my wife, it turned out not meant to be, but I still had the heart and soul of a pastor. And have ever since, been a voice for many who needed some help, and guidance.
          I find it hard to understand how any person can go through life without having God in their life. Where do they get their strength, and their peace of mind, and their strength of heart?
          Now, with events going faster and faster to the final days, it is my fervent prayer that anyone who is actively seeking find someone to lead them to the Lord, has that person drop into their laps. I hate to offer my email address, but it is tlk78@ yahoo.com. If you have questions, I might not be able to answer, but I can send you to the right place, where you should be able to learn your place in the universe, and how to have assurance of your salvation, or your acceptance by God, no matter where you are, or how bad you might thing you are. Trust me, you are not the worst person ever to be forgiven by a truly loving and caring God.

  9. EndOfPatience says:

    Just sent $300.00

    Remember he’ll need money for gas and food.

  10. Phil says:

    I would like to thank each and every one of you folks for your generosity and Kenny especially for going out of his way on short notice.

    All of you are Opera Non Verba defined.

    Hopefully this will give these folks a running start so they can get where they need to be and get settled, I have been on the receiving end of a great deal of generosity in my time and know what it’s like to be broke and homeless too.
    Once again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone, you have absolutely gone above and beyond.
    @ The Vulgar Curmudgeon.

  11. Sjefan says:

    Sometimes life sucks, I cannot do much about that, only to donate some bucks.

    Stubborn pride is a very bitter meal and hard on your teeth (as we probably all experienced).
    After we swallowed our pride and learn how happy people are to help and in what abundance we realize we should have reached out earlier. Probably because it was inevitably anyway and it would have saved us a lot of stress, energy that could have been put to much better and positive use. We hold off hoping for a miracle. But the miracle is people happy to help another OK guy out.
    If you hope for a miracle, let the miracle know where it is needed.

    All the best to your guys for helping out Steven.

    If you think this comment in inappropriate for any reason, please feel free to alter or delete it.

  12. Mike_C says:

    “When a man asks you for help, you help him.”

    Thanks for putting the word out, Phil and Kenny.

  13. (((Doc B))) says:


    We all have those moments where we cannot do it alone. There is no shame in getting a little help from our friends, even if we have never met them. I wish you luck, and I pray for you Steven.

  14. Gene Small says:

    Sent. God, bless them and see them on their journey safely.

  15. Noah Bawdy says:

    I sent him $25. Hope it gets there in time.

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