Hungry for some white meat

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8 Responses to Hungry for some white meat

  1. California southpaw says:

    Just giving him a gentle reminder of who rules the ocean.

  2. Aesop says:

    “You’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

  3. Roger.45 says:

    So much for that pair of Jockey shorts.

  4. ExpatNJ says:

    Hooper: Will you just please go to the end of the pulpit!
    Brody: What for?
    Hooper: I need to have something in the foreground to give it some scale.
    Brody: Foreground, my ass!
    – “Jaws” (movie, 1975),

  5. Colesdad says:

    Wow, he was really going for the guy on the pulpit. That’s extremely rare.

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