Jane Wayne

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11 Responses to Jane Wayne

  1. warhorse says:

    she should put that hair up on duty. it’s a bad grab handle.

    I wanna know where her off-duty carry piece is. it sure as hell ain’t in those shorts.

    • Plan_K_Ton says:

      Ditto on the hair comment. It gets used as a handle in very bad ways in hand to hand. I hope she does have the good sense to do something about that b4 something happens.

  2. Skipperdaddy says:

    Use that cooter to stop a shooter!

  3. Jason says:

    And her place is so clean and tidy

  4. Ergo Slugg says:

    Oh, look, Barbie got to dress up like a cop! It’s all fun and games until you have to deal with a REAL bad guy.

  5. Andrew says:

    And this is how she’ll get fired from her job. Seriously. Cops are told to not post anything on social media as the hater citizens will find anything, anything, to justify getting the cop fired.

    Like dogs? Firing offense for not liking cats. Like cats? Fired for not liking dogs.

    Tattoos? Tattoos have ‘meanings’ and will rile up someone, which will result in firing.

    Sexy cop pose? Fired. Sexy non-cop pose off duty? Fired. Type of car? Fired (seriously, people have been fired over their frickin cars on social media.)

    And that T-shirt? Could be linked to ‘paramilitary’ ‘III %’ ‘right-wing’ ‘militia’ ‘evil’ groups. Definitely FIRE HER, FIRE HER NOW!!!!

    Fuckit. Stay off social media. You can’t trust the social media types any more than you can trust the 1-Hour photo places back in the day.

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