Knife Sharpening by wes

A while back Wes had inquired about a Praxis series, similar to what MBV had on Sipsey Street Irregulars. I thought it was a good idea, but Life got in the way for both of us and it stalled for a few months.
Here’s the first in what hopefully will be a series.

Praxis Series
A Beginners Introduction
Free Hand Knife Sharpening

Part I

Definition of praxis (credit Merriam-Webster online dictionary 2018)
plural praxes play \ˈprak-ˌsēz\
1 : action, practice: such as

a : exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill

praxis – knife sharpening part 1

praxis – knife sharpening part 2

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2 Responses to Knife Sharpening by wes

  1. Mike_C says:

    Thanks very much for these. I’ve only had a quick glance so far, but it is obvious that you have put a LOT of time and effort into these tutorials. I don’t know how many hours you spent putting these together, but this is better than most of the published review/tutorial articles I see published in proper (peer-reviewed, reputable) medical journals. And I know that people take weeks to write those articles. The writing is clear and to the point, illustrations actually illustrate (if you take my point), and the style is easy to read with a good balance between formal didactic and just sitting one-on-one with an expert friend passing along his wealth of experience.

    I look forward to reading these closely tonight, and look forward to being able to consult these as a reference in future. Again, thanks for all the time and energy you invested in these documents — much appreciated.

  2. anonymous says:

    Cool, I was wondering where this gentleman had got hisself too. Thanks for tips and tricks described. I can sharpen a knife okay at home, but in the field, I need some help. I can get a working edge, but something that is really sharp – nope.

    I appreciate the time it took to write and illustrate these – Thanks to both of you.

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