Mouthy broad gets kneecapped

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  1. -sepp says:

    “I’m out of tasers”
    … the next thing will be a jacketed hollowpoint is what anyone with a thimble of sense would understand.
    She fucked around and found out.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Illegal Beaner or just a Amish babe on the rag? Your call.

  3. Mad Jack says:

    Eh. The cops should have had more patience with this one. No one should have been shot.

  4. Jim says:

    Shes a dumb shit for sure but I wouldn’t have shot her at that point. I would have tried to talk to her a little more. And yes I did the job for 12 years.

  5. Chris Mallory says:

    Another example of why cops should be disarmed. Charge him with attempted murder and put him in gen pop. There was no threat.

    • Arc says:

      Yep, being an asshole isn’t justification or even an excuse for cops to shoot someone. You can’t just shoot people you don’t like, much less kick them in the chest after the fact. Last time I checked, we had innocence until proven guilty in this country, suspect doesn’t equate guilt until its proven in court.

      Contempt of cop isn’t a crime. Fuck the police.

      File charges against all of them.

      • grego says:

        You better do what the police tell you to do or pay some consequences. The police ARE the authorities. The woman deserved getting some owies. In Saudi Arabi she would have been shot dead. So, America is pretty cool.

        • arc says:

          The police can be your ‘authorities’ for as long as you want them to be. To me, they are nothing more than another criminal gang roaming the streets, seeking out people to rob under the guise of civil asset forfeiture.

          I neither voted for them nor consented to their rule and consequences work both ways. This is why there is a fairly large push back against them and their long train of abuses.

          ‘You better do what the police, government, authorities, good guys tell you to do, or else! Cops are your friends!’ ‘Take your punishment, even if you are innocent, you can protest it later.’ Is the kind of indoctrination and thinking that got this country in the mess its in to begin with. Obey the state at every turn and nothing bad will ever happen. I don’t drink that kool-aid.

          • Paulie says:

            I’m guessing that you’ll be the first whiny bitch to call out for the cops when you get mugged by some lesbian bikers, tough guy.

    • MeatPopsicle says:

      Anyone with with two neurons to rub together could form a thought and realize that shank in her hand is a freakin deadly weapon. No compliance. No result from the less-lethal option. Played the stupid game and won the stupid prize. Only thing not justified here… the asinine keyboard warrior cop bashing.

      • John Deaux says:

        There was no fucking threat to Barney Fife except what he created. There was no justified reason to fire his weapon and anybody who has ever been through a firearm safety training class knows this. So you kiss pork ass if you want but those of us who know the self defense laws aren’t buying your bullshit.

        • MeatPopsicle says:

          Keep it up snowflake. You are obviously an expert on everything because “you took a class” that most of the rest of us on this blog have taken as well. Truly a legend in your own mind. smh

  6. Mike says:

    She DID ask for it: To Protect and SERVE, bitch…..

  7. John Deaux says:

    What was this amateur hour ?
    No threat to justify the shot fired
    Pathetic first aide skills
    No scene security
    Subject still armed while officer straddling her.
    How is this a good shoot at 20 feet away but subject not a danger 1 foot away.
    Questions, questions, questions

    • Elliemaeclampitt says:

      Wrong, completely justified. Don’t want none,don’t start none.times up on lawlessness Antifa’s next.

      • John Deaux says:

        Nope, your wrong. I’m no fan of illegals or anti-fags but if a citizen can’t fire due to no direct threat than neither can this cop. His technique is awful, he has no idea how to legally control a situation and is a danger to the community, his department and his partner.
        Barney Fife had to carry his bullet in his shirt pocket, this idiot shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near live ammo. Ever.

  8. Mike H says:

    all B.S. aside
    get those rubberband tourniquets off the street and get some real TC3 training.
    you should have in your blowout kit at least a C.A.T or S.O.F.T tourniquet preferably the S.O.F.T and learn how to use it.
    as to the use of force I’m on the fence.
    By the way IM an AEMT with 3 different certifications in combat casualty care.

  9. C.R. says:

    No mag dump with a dead hostage and a few innocent bystanders shot ? No collateral damage ? Well , I guess lets just give all involved a couple years paid leave anyway …..

    • John Deaux says:

      Don’t forget the couple million the injured party will receive from the city that Barney works for

  10. WoodBurner says:

    Cheap entertainment.

  11. John h says:

    Doesn’t this kinda give more weight to the whole shoot him in the kneecap shoot him in the arm instead of killing him argument ? I’m wondering if it was a negligent discharge ? He seemed to be in somewhat control of the situation and then all the sudden she gets shot ?? Not saying it was right or wrong but nonetheless something to think about
    John h.

  12. RobinKaty says:

    Sounds like she may have met this cop before and done something crazy then. Doesn’t take long for someone to close the distance with a knife and put the pointy end in you. I think this having cops try and only use like force to stop the bad guy is what has resulted in all the big car chases and riots, they don’t fear some immediate remediation.

    • Steve the engineer says:

      Seems like you and I are the only ones who noticed that the cop asked her something about “want me to take you out same way as last time ?”. This perp was a known entity to the local cops. Who knows what happened the last time, except that she probably learned to wear clothes thick enough to defeat a Tazer?

  13. GI- had Joe says:

    As a year long resident of Utah (from CA); good.

  14. pigpen51 says:

    I am almost afraid to add my .02 cents here, but it does seem like the police were a bit hasty in shooting this woman. Granted that she had a screwdriver in her hand, but I didn’t actually see a threat from her that would justify shooting her. The police response is supposed to be proportional to the threat, if I remember correctly. I suspect that we have not seen the last of this event, unless it gets buried by those in charge. The MSM would have a field day with this, and thank God this woman was not a minority.

  15. ZombieDawg says:

    Fuck me…
    If a cop did that in Oz he’d be facing charges.
    That woman could have been talked down.
    Screwdriver threat? A gun is disproportionate force. Basic self defense training should have been all that was needed here.
    You yankee cops need to be pulled back into line big time as you’re totally out of control.

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