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6 Responses to Redneckin’

  1. paulb says:

    I think I like the one spotted on the back of a Pruis that says I already have it floored. But given the current crop of indignation I can definitely understand.

  2. RTinWeimar says:

    Small penis huh?

    • Sanders says:

      Actually, it is called “I’m gonna be able to walk away from it when that asshole illegal alien on their cell phone runs a red light and plows into me.”

  3. Jeremy says:

    Saw that the other day. Wanted to run the smart ass off the road… Only because I associate Prius with Sanctimonious Liberal Assholes.

  4. rocketride says:

    I have bumper stickers on my Prius to make it clear I’m not one of those sanctimonious assholes.
    I bought it when we had a “President” who was vowing to drive the price of regular unleaded up above $8 per gallon and a girlfriend (now wife) who lived a 180-mile round trip away.

    Actually, while it’s not exactly a sports car, I’ve never had any trouble getting onto highways with it (I have gotten it up to 90MPH} or losing tailgating yahoos on winding, hilly back roads.

    If I could find an “I Identify as an F-150” (or Dodge Ram, or similar) bumper sticker, I’d put that sucker on there.

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