The Tunnels of Cu Chi

This gif is from a documentary about the tunnels of Cu Chi. I found it pretty interesting seeing as my dad was stationed there for his last tour and I’ve heard numerous stories from him and his friends about Charlie popping up out of the ground right in the middle of the 25th Infantry Division base camp, shooting a couple people and then just disappearing into thin air.

Here’s the complete documentary:

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9 Responses to The Tunnels of Cu Chi

  1. Judy says:

    My brother talked about having to crawl around in the tunnels the Viet Cong dug when he first got to Viet Nam. Didn’t take him long to look around and find a different MOS…driving stuff no one else would touch.

  2. (Jonathan alerted me to your post)

    When my wife and I went to Cu Chi in 1992 you could rent most anything you liked at $1 a shot (AK 47’s, M-16’s and so forth) she refused to leave the car. In fact, she cowered on the seat when she first heard shots! A Southern (Vietnamese) girl, but definitely not like our Dixie ones! I shot an AK, and knocked down each man sized target, for which I was awarded a black checked scarf, like you would see the Cambodians wear.:)

    When we were expected to sit and listen to a pro-VC rant on the tunnels before we went in, I walked to the back out of earshot which didn’t please the officials. I guess they were offended!

  3. brighteyes says:

    I was da demo man. Know em up close and personal.

  4. AnonForOpsec says:

    Pass down what you learned to your kids and grandkids; those lessons might need to be put to use here in about 7 years…

  5. donnie says:

    Pretty sure I watched this, on your recommendation maybe, once before. There is nothing more ferocious and determined than a man protecting his own home and country from an invading force. These ground-dwellers had that, in spades.

  6. Alemaster says:

    My SPH4 is off to all trigger pullers on the ground. LRRPs, SF “running the trails,” and “tunnel rats” may go to the head of that line, FWIW. Grande cojones, muy grande! regards, Alemaster

  7. Frank says:

    Guy that did some basement work on my house, a lot time ago & in a different city, was in Nam. There was one time on patrol when they ran into something similar, except it was a tree stump the VC popped out of. One of the other guys opened the flap for his sidearm, chambered a round, and shot – before the AK-47 was leveled. After that, they all called him Wyatt Earp.

    • Inbredredneck says:

      Don’t wanna disparage another vet, and we all know that once guys start tellin’ stories that the first liar doesn’t stand a chance, but if I could help it I wasn’t goin’ on any patrols with somebody who wasn’t locked and loaded from the time he left base camp ’til he got to the sand barrel for clearin’ weapons comin’ back in.
      That said, some of us may’ve known those of the Officer persuasion who shouldn’t’ve gotten to go outside the wire when they were green LTs. Then again, the only way to get experience is through experience. Maybe some day I’ll stories about my CO, who I thought looked, sounded and acted like CPT Binghamton from McHale’s Navy. Kids, ask your grandparents about Joe Flynn’s most famous role.

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