Violent evictions… don’t they mean ‘murderous’?

Shockwaves are still being felt in South Africa after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s controversial announcement that the country’s constitution is to be changed to explicitly allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Markets reacted negatively and the currency, the rand, has continued to plummet over the last week.

This is because the plan has invited comparisons with the chaotic land reform programme across the Limpopo River in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which saw scenes of violent evictions of mainly white farmers.

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13 Responses to Violent evictions… don’t they mean ‘murderous’?

  1. Skipperdaddy says:

    The O.G. Freeshit Army.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    He would rather kill whites than see blacks fed.

  3. Gordon says:

    South Africa will go the way of all the other countries in Africa that have run the productive white people out. The lazy, freeloading heathens will run it in the ground and then expect the UN to come to their rescue. Same thing happens in this country to the cities that were once thriving- the white people move to the lower crime rate suburbs and the minorities get a majority and take over city hall. Atlanta and Baltimore are two that come to mind. South Africa will be back to head hunting and cannibalism in 25 years.

  4. ontoiran says:

    another “news” site with no comment section. apparently they didn’t care for the comments they were getting so they figured if they stick their fingers in their ears like all the other “news” sites with no comment section then all of those nasty opinions wouldn’t exist

  5. soapweed says:

    My great grandfather fought the Brits in the Boer War….. I am imagining that ol’ Otto will free him self of the grave and head back for the new round II unpleasantness…….wish him much success.

  6. Plan_K_Ton says:

    This is a means to forestall utter collapse, which will follow shortly thereafter. What, exactly will a nation of indolents with few skills do with the land, once it is thrust into their hands? Farming is highly skilled labor. Will American blacks volunteer to help them out, or are the genetic memories of the plantation too near and dear?

    Bottom line: within a season of full on expropriation of land and dispossession of those who fed the country, there will be mass imports of food as South Africa slides into the misery the rest of the continent is mired in. Combined with epic droughts and falling water tables, the recipe for epic suffering of Biblical proportions is cast in stone.

  7. CC says:

    Don’t forget the starvation that follows when clueless africans try to farm.
    Or lazy africans don’t farm & steal until there’s nothing left.
    And nary a peep from the worthless UN.

  8. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    These oppressed White landowners should be the people we allow in the U.S. as refugees. Not lying liars who use little kids as props.

    • Daniel K Day says:

      I read somewhere that Russia is taking some of them in.

      • C.R. says:

        too bad we couldnt work out a trade , sign up some home boys from detoilet or chicongo for reperations , a trip to the mutha land and free land taken from whitey !! we could trade for the South African white folks , maybe swing a deal 5 homeys for one Boer ? It is a win win the white people from S.A. get a new start , and S.A. gets a bunch of people that’ll fit right in

  9. pigpen51 says:

    I remember when I was much younger, during Apartheid, not really understanding exactly what reason there could be for the white population to be in charge, when the nation was overwhelmingly black. I am much older and wiser now, and I understand completely the reason for the seemingly contradictory nature of their government. The ANC is a bunch of thugs, who had as their figurehead, one Nelson ” necklace” Mandela, and his gentle ex-wife, Winnie. I know it won’t happen, but it is a shame that the farmers don’t band together and hire an outfit like Tigerswan Blackwater or some other group. About a hundred of that type was able to restore peace to an African nation, all by themselves. I can’t remember the country, but it was one of the group of usual suspects. I think it was Somalia, and for 20 million dollars, the company used 100 or so contractors to go in and stop the violence that was taking place. They restored if not peace, at least a semblance of order. They are still there in 2018, ensuring that tourist places like Mogadishu are open for tourism, with no problems. If I were an 18 year old, starting my life over again, and knowing what the world was going to be headed for, I could do much worse than to join the military as an infantry soldier, and then gone on to advanced training with one of the security forces, and spend 20 years fighting as a mercenary, and retiring quite well off.
    And by the way, screw the South African congress, I will laugh when their economy tanks, as it already is starting, with the stock market devaluing their currency. What a surprise, when you steal land from their rightful owners, that your country’s standing on the world stage starts to drop like a stone. I wonder if the celebrities who promised to leave America when Trump was elected would like to go there. Seem like a perfect fit for a liberal idiot.

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