A shout out for a good blog

I ran across a blog today on a tip from a reader I thought you might be interested in – good writing, easy to follow, kind of a dry sense of humor. It seems like I ran across it a while back but forgot to link it and I’m one of those guys that can’t remember shit if it’s not written down someplace.
Check it out when you get a minute. I think you’ll enjoy it.
Musings of a Stretcher Ape

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12 Responses to A shout out for a good blog

  1. SgtBob says:

    Good writing, good link. He has a job I never wanted.

  2. Wirecutter: thank you very much for the recognition. I’m flattered that somebody whose blog I hit every day or so, took notice of my own humble efforts.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, like I said in the post I think I’d ran across it before but sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to get me to do something. You can thank one of our mutual readers for pointing my nose in the right direction.
      Keep up the good work, man.

  3. Steve says:

    Been there, done that. His writings are all true….my lips to Gods ear!!!!


  4. fRed says:

    Good call, I’m a volunteer in my local burg and used to work a paid service…most people wouldn’t believe the shit you see.

  5. alfie195671 says:

    Great site. Thanks for recommending it.

  6. Cederq says:

    Thanks Kenny, a fellow old man nurse I can relate to! I have him Bookmarked and you can believe me he will be the second person I read in the morn, you will always be first… kinda sounds like a bromance… nah, maybe.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    I went there, and was happy to see that the guy is real and a good writer. So I told him you sent me, and to look out for speeding traffic. Then I come back here, and read in this comment section that he already knew you outed him. At least he won’t be shocked when he starts to get about ten times as many hits per day as he used to, and has people asking him to start to post fanny fridays, or milfy monday.

    • Wirecutter says:

      After he commented with his name I knew he was a regular reader. He’s commented several times before.

    • Ten times as many hits? Lawsy, no! from somewhere like a dozen on an “up” day, to (so far) 2,000 visitors. (Thanks, Wirecutter!)

      (now, I gotta see if I can up my game to near Wirecutter/Knuckledragging levels!)

      • Wirecutter says:

        You’re doing fine, all that was needed was a little exposure.
        The problem with blogging and traffic is there’s just so damned many to choose from. Being on other folks’ blogrolls helps, but the real boost comes from a mention.

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