Mother of the Year

A Missouri mother has confessed to stealing opioid painkillers intended for her terminally-ill daughter, and instead taking the drugs herself, according to police.

Medical workers caring for the dying 20-year-old woman called police Monday because they were worried the patient’s mother, Carol Ballweg, wasn’t giving her daughter the oxycodone and fentanyl prescribed to treat her pain, Troy police said in a press release Wednesday.
Check out the woman’s mugshot at the link if you dare.

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11 Responses to Mother of the Year

  1. RDB says:

    She looks like a “ballweg”.

    Surprised she doesn’t have a meth problem too with all the facial sores.

  2. Just a Chemist says:

    Geeze Kenny, why do you link these stories with dares about clicking. This is about the saddest thing I’ve seen/read in weeks. The mom was probably pretty once. I am thinking that painkillers are not the only substance problem she has.
    Again, I have no frame of reference, but I can’t image taking the pain-reducing drugs away from any of my children, ever. If I were addicted, and couldn’t break it for my child, I would probably call someone to come care for the child and remove myself from the situation.

  3. nwoldude says:

    Here is one for you darlin’.

  4. Miles Long says:

    The clock on the wall stopped when I clicked on the link.

  5. rocketride says:

    Looks more like a ‘Ballsack’.

  6. Skipperdaddy says:

    Sumbitch, now I need a fuckin painkiller after seeing that

  7. Blu Vaner says:

    Momma has a terminal case of ugly. Who in their right mind would mount that?

  8. rayvet says:

    They need to investigate and see if her daughter’s “terminal condition” was something the mother did in order to get her hands on some drugs.

  9. Judy says:

    My God! A year ago I watched my sister die from ovarian cancer. How could she do that to her own child? She needs to be feed to a wood chipper feet first.

  10. Dave says:

    Well, I knew it was going to be bad when the dare was put below the link. I wasn’t prepared for that!

  11. STW says:

    We got a letter from the local hospital last year telling us that we weren’t being charged from some drugs they gave my wife because they couldn’t be sure the cocktail contained what was advertised. Apparently a nurse was stealing the fentanyl and tossing something else in instead. If it’s available someone will be glade to steal it. The discount was something like 0.1% of the total bill so I really wasn’t that impressed.

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