Nothing like torturing an animal to pass the time…

After an 8-month-old pit bull named Tanner bit one of his employees, the president of a Wyoming animal shelter had the dog pepper-sprayed as a “training exercise.”

Now, Cheyenne Animal Shelter president Bob Fecht is suspended for 60 days, according to statements obtained by KGWN.

A statement from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter Board of Directors said the pit bull was considered “very dangerous” during its attack on a shelter employee on September 4, according to KGAB. Tanner had been abandoned at a vet and taken to the shelter on August 31.

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2 Responses to Nothing like torturing an animal to pass the time…

  1. Sabre22 says:

    Strip that Bastard Naked and spray his sorry ass down with a whole can of bear spray. What a F****** DumbA**

  2. fjord says:

    Gee. It’s almost like the old institutions that we came to know and trust can’t be trusted.

    Enjoy the decline.

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