Some days you get the elk, other days the bear gets you

Two hunters were involved in a bear attack Friday, September 14, in the Teton Wilderness while field dressing an elk near Terrace Mountain, approximately 5.8 miles northeast of the Turpin Meadow Trailhead.

Florida resident Corey Chubon shot an elk during a guided bow hunt late Thursday afternoon. He and his guide, Mark Uptain of Martin Outfitters, were unable to locate the wounded animal before nightfall. The pair returned Friday morning to locate and remove the elk. They found the undisturbed carcass in the early afternoon and were preparing to pack out the elk when they were aggressively charged by two large bears.

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13 Responses to Some days you get the elk, other days the bear gets you

  1. Elk Tracks says:

    Two grizzlies were trapped & killed yesterday.
    They should have relocated them with the animal rights advocates who sued to stop the hunt in Wyoming. Or the judge in Missoula who stopped it.

  2. Lineman says:

    My family knew the guy left behind a wife and 5 kids…Sad Day…

  3. Dub says:

    Follow up story on the guide, with a link to a gofundme page setup for his family.

  4. Don Hunt says:

    Pretty horrific experience, but I wouldn’t want to be looking back on this either.

    “but was able to throw the gun to Uptain and get loose before running from the scene to phone for help.”

  5. enn ess says:

    Running from the scene to Phone for help! WTF good is that gonna do! any help will only arrive on the scene to recover what’s left of the uneaten bodies. You’re in Grizz country fool, that means be prepared ALL the time. Meaning have the fucking gun on your body, NOT stashed in your stupid pack somewhere. A grizzly can come from ambush unseen and attack faster than you can say Oh Shit!….. Sorry he died a wicked death, but he violated #1 rule, “anything can happen, at anytime, at the worst possible time”, be ready!

  6. FriscoKid says:

    Pistol in his pack a few yards away?!
    Off-body carry?
    No overwatch?
    No situational awareness?

    Condolences to the family, but goddamn, fellas.

    • czechsix says:

      Yep, no shit, my thoughts exactly. Lots of dumbshit moves on their part, even worse that it was a professional guide. Bears aren’t anything to fuck with. Well, condolences to the family. Sorry for the loss.

  7. STW says:

    We were camping in that general area a few weeks ago. Many of the campgrounds are hard sided vehicles only because of bear danger. I know one guy who used to pack into that area regularly but won’t go anymore because there is so much bear activity. My sister, a couple of hours north of there has had a grizzly poking around her neighborhood fattening up on apples and she lives in a town of 10,000 people. The only surprise in this instance is that the bears weren’t already feeding on the carcass.

  8. emdfl says:

    When I was working up in the Canadian Northwest Territories, the Inuit natives who ran the camps told us that polar bears could smell a seal on the ice from 50 miles away if the wind was right. After seeing the bears on Resolution Island – an island ~125 km off the coast of Labrador – I would believe it.

  9. drjim says:

    Yow….NEVER go into bear country without being well-armed, and having the gun on you!

    Condolences to the family, but c’mon guys… should have known better.

  10. emdfl says:

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, some scientists think that Grizzlies are a smaller sub-specie of Polar bears

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