The difference a century makes

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14 Responses to The difference a century makes

  1. Jack58 says:

    Even sans tusk’s that pissed off boarhog would gobble the tyke whole without the muzzle.

  2. Boone says:

    Suddenly the expression “Bubba went to sh!t and the hogs ate ’em.” Makes a lot more sense.

  3. Tom says:

    That stirrup strap looks to be a bit long for for such a little boy. At least the other kid was actually riding the sheep — bareback!

  4. I Am Who I Am says:

    The most important thing about this image is now we know where Crocs come from.

  5. California southpaw. says:

    Check out “Mutton Busters” pics from Folsom Pro Rodeo 2018. Heck, check out all the pics. It’ll help restore your faith in Americans-and Californians too, as if that’s possible, har har.

    • I Am Who I Am says:

      “Americans – and Californians too…” Y’know, those aren’t the same thing anymore.

  6. California southpaw. says:

    Don’t believe the hype and the headlines. There’s a lot of good’ns here.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Top one is the ring bearer at a mooslime wedding trying to stop the bride from having last minute cold feet.
    Bottom one is what every muzzie deserves, but without the muzzle.

  8. loaded4bear says:

    We watch Mutton Bustin’ at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo each year. What’s missing from this picture is the helmet, face cage and flak jacket they make the kids wear.

  9. cwac says:

    Devil pig for sure

  10. Brian says:

    My Uncles plopped my brothers and me on the back of Hogs and then spocked’em, they got a big laugh and we got a face full of Hog Shed when they ran there to scrape the fools off their backs.

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