Whoops, my bad

A man pointed a gun at Waffle House workers in Georgia early Thursday and tried to rob them, until another customer stepped in with a gun of their own, according to police.

The attempted robber showed up at the Waffle House on Highway 61 in Villa Rica, Georgia, around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, according to a police Facebook post. He aimed a gun at the restaurant’s workers and told them he was robbing them, police said.

That’s when a customer eating at the restaurant got out a gun and shot the attempted robber, sending the robber fleeing from the Waffle House, according to police.

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10 Responses to Whoops, my bad

  1. Joel says:

    That’s odd because Waffle House has a gun ban. Wonder if they’ll change any time soon.

    • 1911A1 says:

      They just SAY they have a no gun policy so the idiots will think it’s safe to rob a Waffle House. A more common way to explain it is “hunting over bait”.

    • DanB says:

      Must be a state-by-state thing…and not “corporate”. I’ve been in a few Missouri Waffle House establishments dozens of times. Have never seen any “gun ban” signs.

      • Wirecutter says:

        I haven’t seen any either, but I think I’ve been to only two Waffle Houses – one in Franklin KY and the other in White House (I think) TN.

    • Joel says:

      They post them here in my part of Virginia, won’t hesitate to throw you out either.

  2. Sanders says:

    Waffle House thinks so little of their customers that they don’t want them to be able to protect themselves.

    That’s okay. I can spend my money elsewhere.

  3. Skipperdaddy says:

    I thought they only had a ban on front teeth and good manners

  4. Chris Spratt says:

    Gun ban signs on non-government establishments have no force of law in GA. If they see/think you are armed they can ask you to leave, then if you refuse you are guilty of tresspass for which you may be arrested…but if you leave when asked, no harm no foul.
    Armed robber in the article wasn’t deterred by the sign….

  5. jabrwok says:

    Why can’t these idiot writers use pronouns correctly? The customer wasn’t a “they”, he was a “he”, as the article itself admits further down, so WTF did the reporter write “the customer stepped in with a gun of their own”? That’s asinine!

    Western civilization is doomed.

  6. SmileyFtW says:

    Seems to me someone is in need of range time…wouldn’t have to look for the perp.

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