Yeehaw. Yippee. Woohoo.

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  1. Ed says:

    That, is why you don’t fuck with rodeo cowboys. I was a company party, at a dude ranch, lots of alcohol . All the people i worked with were draftsman. They decided they wanted to fight the local cowboys, and invited me along. I declined. The aftermath of broken noses, you had to be there.

  2. Sabre22 says:


  3. DanB says:

    I’m thinking that bull we be heads-up ready to hit him again before that cowboy will hit the ground.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Well he jumps to the left and he lands towards the right
    But I ain’t no green horn – I’m still sittin’ tight
    The dust starts to foggin’ right out of his skin
    He’s a wavin’ them horns right under my chin
    At sunnin’ his belly he couldn’t be beat
    He’s showin’ the buzzards the soles of his feet
    He’s a dippin’ so low that my boots filled with dirt
    He’s a makin’ a whip of the tail of my shirt.

    He’s snappin’ the buttons right off of my clothes
    He’s a buckin’ and a bawlin’ and a blowin’ his nose
    The crowd starts to cheerin’ both me and that bull
    Well, he needed no help, but I had my hands full
    Then he went to fence rowin’ and a weavin behind
    My head went poppin’ – I sorta went blind
    He starts in high divin’ – I lets out a groan
    We went up together, but he come back alone.

  5. Scruff says:

    did he stick the landing?

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