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If Guns N’ Roses started today


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For the older folks on Halloween


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Happy Halloween, Luis!


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Just sayin’


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Fetal homicide ruling mandates ‘Roe exception’ challenge, Alabama justice says

As the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the state’s fetal homicide law in a ruling this month, one of the justices said the decision should force the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. Justice Tom Parker … Continue reading

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Affordable burial services

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The curse of the Bradford Pear

Carole Bergmann pulls her small parks department SUV into an aging 1980s subdivision in Germantown, Md., and takes me to the edge of an expansive meadow. A dense screen of charcoal-gray trees stands between the open ground and the backyards … Continue reading

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Well, that explains a lot

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The Military’s Most Important Role Is Border Defense

Our country has been thrust into a scene out of The Camp of the Saints: a large caravan of migrants organized in Honduras is streaming towards our southern border proclaiming the right to enter and work in our country. They’re … Continue reading

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Farm girls

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We haven’t played the “Guess the Race” game in a while

This is the shocking moment a mass brawl erupted in a Baltimore McDonald’s. Staff were powerless to intervene as customers fought, smashed up the counter and bizarrely stole paper cups. The horrifying clip begins with a group of people standing … Continue reading

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Who gives a shit about what the UN demands?

International officials with the United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency say President Trump must allow a caravan of Central Americans into the United States to seek asylum. As Breitbart News has chronicled, migrants with an at least 7,000-strong caravan have repeatedly … Continue reading

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Whew. Thank God.

Kanye West, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, announced he is quitting politics after being ‘used to spread messages I don’t believe in’ and denounced the president over his immigration policy. The singer made the surprising declaration on Twitter … Continue reading

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Death by anal probe

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“How’s it feel? Does it turn you on?”

Authorities are looking for four masked men they say knocked on the hotel door of a dominatrix in Queens, pushed their way in and tied her up at gunpoint before running off with an iPhone, cash and a debit card … Continue reading

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Good Morning from Florida!

At least four shots were fired into the Volusia County Republican Party’s office in South Daytona, police said Monday. No one was injured, according to South Daytona police Capt. Mark Cheatham, but the shooting broke the offices’ front window and … Continue reading

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I feel ya

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Caravan Contradictions

A “caravan”—the euphemism for a current foot-army of more than 10,000 Central Americans—of would-be border crossers has now passed into Mexico. The marchers promise they will continue 1,000 miles and more northward to the U.S. border, despite warnings from President … Continue reading

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And he leaves his DNA…

A vile straphanger ejaculated on a woman’s backside and backpack on a rush-hour subway train in Manhattan, cops said Monday. The 27-year-old victim was on a southbound D train in Midtown around 8 a.m. Oct. 1 when the stranger — … Continue reading

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