Michigan’s Republican Senate candidate John James launched a rhetorical nuclear attack on far-left partisanship on Wednesday. James did so with this tweet response to Michigan liberal activist Abdul El-Sayed (a Bernie Sanders-type candidate who lost the state’s gubernatorial primary).

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6 Responses to BAM!!!

  1. SgtBob says:

    James is the farmer who used a 2X4 on a recalcitrant mule. As you said: BAM! Top that.

  2. anonymous says:

    That was epic – now THAT is a message I approve of. b b b (thumbs up).

  3. Djamer says:

    That closet moslem Sayed is a piece of shit! Dearborn needs to burn soon. . .

  4. Sanders says:

    John James knows what it takes to eliminated muzzies.

  5. pigpen51 says:

    Sadly, he is not favored to win the Senate seat away from Debbie Stabenow. I live in MI, and I have no use for her at all, unless it is to help the Democrat running for Governor. Gretchen Whitmer has made it her main talking point that she wants to ” fix the damn roads.” She has been saying this on television commercials and in debates ever since she began her campaign. As if that makes her one of the people, because she dares to use the word damn on television.

    It is funny to actually listen to her say that line. It is almost like she didn’t ever say a bad word in her life, but her campaign director told her it would play in places away from her base of support, the Democratically strong urban populations.
    Michigan does have rotten roads. But when Gretchen Whitmer was in the legislature, they came to the people with a gas tax increase to fix the roads, but it also had carveouts for things like raises for teachers, and several other liberal causes. We voted it down almost 10 to 1. So then the government just unilaterally raised the gas tax through some other political manuevering.

    I can just be happy that we were one of the states to push Trump to victory.

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