‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening

The headline was a stunner: “For Once, I’m Grateful For Trump.”

Even more shocking was the column’s author: New York Times columnist Bret Stephens.

At great risk of alienating his Trump-hating readership at the Times, Stephens carefully explained why he is relieved a man he detests now sits in the Oval Office. From evidence-free accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh to grandstanding, hypocritical senators, Stephens admitted he was reluctant to make such a heretical confession in the pages of a newspaper committed to destroying the Supreme Court nominee:

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4 Responses to ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening

  1. Elmo says:

    Bret Stephens isn’t the only one who’s finally figured something out. Did you notice a lot of Republicans are finally beginning to realize that we’re in a war? Took ’em long enough.

    I was listening to an off-brand radio show yesterday and some democrat broad said
    “Whites are 68% of America right now. By 2045 that number will be down to 49%. The Kavanaugh confirmation shows that they (the white guys) are desperately trying to hold on to power.”

  2. SgtBob says:

    Stephens and Erickson are examples of so-called conservatives who inject themselves into mass media, sharp-stick a few liberal eyes and then become just like the people they claim to oppose, Above all else, they are front-runners. They know which way the wind blows by smelling the smoke from the fire coming their way.

  3. enn ess says:

    Kavanaugh is not the panacea the country needs right now, it’s better than some of the alternatives, but there were better choices available. Kavanaugh has a track record of not so Constitutional leanings, specifically regarding the 4th. What the dumbotards dislike about him has nothing to do with reasons why he should not be on the Supreme Court. Interesting 7 minute vid. Pay attention and learn. We’re still in deep shit!


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