Covering all the bases

Authorities found suspicious packages addressed to former vice president Joe Biden and the actor Robert De Niro, officials said Thursday, setting off a new wave of alarm amid a sprawling investigation into pipe bombs mailed to prominent political figures and critics of President Trump.

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23 Responses to Covering all the bases

  1. QP says:

    A Clinton cabal false flag for October.

  2. Kaptain Kaos says:

    Yawn. I can’t help but notice that not one of the phony bombs exploded. What a letdown.

  3. MMinLamesa says:

    The Stupid, it Hurtz.

    Who in their right mind doesn’t know this is contrived. In fact, if it were discovered that someone from our side did it thinking that most of us, knowing it was contrived, would be even more supportive of the Big Bad Orange Man, I would buy that.

    And if it really was a REgressive, using a bomb with wires to no where, too bad they didn’t send a real one to DeNiro-he is one motherfucker I am tired of seeing pop up.

  4. Steve says:

    I second the yawn….I think/know in my heart this was a ham-fisted attempt by the demoncrats to garner sympathy from their minions.


  5. CC says:

    Like any of those entitled motherfuckers open their own mail anyway…

  6. Heathen says:

    “Clock Boy ” back in the USA?

  7. RDB says:

    I’m agreement with the rest of you, this is a scam. I think it looks so rag-tag that it doesn’t even rise to the level of false flag.

    The only thing that sucks about it is that the FBI will investigate, they will find a fall-guy and then we will have to read about fall-guy’s trial, conviction, etc. for months on end. Then we will have to read about the poor FBI investigation and how they didn’t get the right person, etc.

    I do feel sorry for the poor fall-guy in this deal. Sucks to be him. Wait, I know the perfect volunteer for this……

  8. Plan_K_Ton says:

    This reminds me of the 9/11 era anthrax cases, which were never solved. Those were actually a lethal application of bio warfare, whereas these are all inert devices. It was mentioned elsewhere (WRSA?) that the lessons of Oklahoma City were that you don’t use the real deal to scare the normies… what it seems is that the OK City event and all the faked out attacks with simulated materials (there were many) were to condition the masses into a conditioned response of cowering in fear, asking (nay, DEMANDING) that the Constitution be shredded in the name of public safety (do it for the chirrun).

    Analysis is that these were all amateur efforts (look at the pics and see for yourself). Amateurs leave lots of forensic evidence. If there is no rapid arrest (and if the police state is as effective as we are led to believe, there should be), then this is either a pro team making the effort look amateur, or it is an inside job. The Venn diagram of “team of pros” and “inside job” has notable overlap.

    Now mull over how long until the claim of “muh Russians did it!” comes up in the news as a distraction. Also consider the dedicated Communists who feel left out that they did not become part of this story. There are many angles to this, and only one is correct. I have no idea what it is, but it sure does seem cooked up (just apply the “Cui Bono?” analytic question.

  9. Chish says:

    Notice that soy boy Beta O’Rourke didn’t get his? Why do you suppose he, out of all the other idiots that got one was forsaken when he is the the left’s little darling and it really would have made a headline to beat to death in the 24/7 media? BTW, anyone else here think “packages” will be sent to polling places when the time comes?

    • Mike_C says:

      “packages” will be sent to polling places

      I kind of hate to say this, but I could see an ACTUAL mass casualty event at a polling place. (Shooting has odds over explosive, over vehicle/kinetic, and way over biological or radioactive in my very amateur opinion.) The coordinated media and leftish political (Lord forgive us our redundancies) reaction would be:
      1. The fascists are trying to destroy our sacred Democracy;
      2. Push to completely eliminate physical polling places, instead doing it ALL by mail (or better, internet), for public safety and to protect our Democracy.

      • Elmo says:

        Slight correction. The Fascists aren’t trying to destroy our Democracy, they’re trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic and create a Fascist Democracy in it’s place.

        • Mike_C says:

          You and I are in agreement as to what the terms really mean. I was trying to say that 1. and 2. are what the Left would say.

          I.e. to them: A) we (or what they imagine us to be) are “the fascists” and B) there is no higher form of polity than sacred Democracy (though purposefully the definition of that is left vague). “Constitutional Republic”, feh. That’s some dead old white guy thing.

          • Elmo says:

            You’re right. I did a poor job of comprehending your first comment.
            My head tends to get to swimming when that word ‘Democracy’ comes up. Some Democrat clown on TV the other night used it THREE TIMES in one sentence while talking about ‘what a threat to Democracy’ Trump presented. Sheesh.

  10. bogsidebunny says:

    Anyone wanna bet the bomb constructor isn’t currently residing next to Vincent Forster right now?

  11. Steve says:

    NeonRevolt provides a very good analysis of the false flag bombs.

  12. NewVegasBadger says:

    I’m calling this a hoax, false flag operation. The timing of it all just before the midterms is too suspicious. There is zero reason for a “right winger” to start sending mail bombs. It is the Left that is known for this tactic. This is a manufactured, staged event. Notice that none of the bombs have detonated. The Lefties must be scared shitless at a possible loss in the midterms. Cui Bono?

    I’m also calling this migration caravan a black operation as well. Again it is an attempt to influence the midterm elections. Again it is the timing of it all. Follow the money.

  13. Daryl says:

    Tell me: Has there been no threats or bombs sent to President Trump? Any sent to any other notable conservative leaders or organizations? I’m curious.

  14. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Too bad DeNiro’s didn’t go off. What an egomaniac. He would still be an “extra” had it not been for his buddy Martin.

  15. Tsgt Joe says:

    I see my lefty”tools” getting wound up already. I hear a lot of people on the right talking like recent events, kavanaugh,etc are demoralizing/ defeating the leftys, not as far as I can see. My lefty friends are mostly regular folks friends from work,school, family. They are more outraged than dismayed and will believe anything that presents Trump or republicans in a bad light. They will be voting on the 6th. Even if senator sanders were to get arrested for sending bombs it would somehow be trumps fault. If a right winger is accused it will be zombie time(the dead will arise and vote democrat).

  16. David says:

    They should be glad some real pros were not at work. Instead of these sloppy amateurs! then it would of been a series of national funerals.

  17. Aesop says:

    These were prop bombs, and the whole thing is more fakenews.

    Nobody’s buying the bullshit any more.

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