Daaaamn, look at all them white folks!!!


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  1. Pigg says:

    What a beauty and as far as I can see, not one lady has colored her hair pink.purple or green.

  2. Bob M says:

    Well now! Looks like my tribe is up and active!

  3. Walter Zoomie says:

    I notice dumb shit. Like…all those people, and almost zero trash on the ground….

    • cap'n fast says:

      a usual observation. leaving no evidence behind is one of the first thing white people learn. that way they don’t become members of the majority class of people sitting in jails today.
      rant warning!
      some would say that is a “racist” comment. not so. those sitting is jail are classed as criminals. criminals are people who are found guilty of violation of law and are being punished for it. I am very prejudiced towards the use of the word “racist” to describe personal prejudices. there is only one human race and it consists of individuals who are each and every one, prejudiced about some thing or someone for some reason. it’s something we as a race can’t get away from. we can only recognize it and adjust our behavior to compensate for it. the word “racist” is merely a political push button word used to inflame emotion. it’s use does nothing to change prejudices. any person who uses the term “racist” in their arguments of almost any subject immediately looses my attention.

      • Curtis says:

        I generally only use the term in reference to the race of reason or athletic events. Unfortunately there’s a lot of irrational people out there.

      • cap'n fast says:

        I have dream that all the democrat voters-the living ones-would take the opportunity to watch this video from beginning to end. would they feel left out of this gathering of thoughtful and peaceable folks enjoying the company of each other? with out screaming and yelling rabble rousers standing behind them exhorting them to violent and destructive behaviors as we see at the Kavanaugh hearings protests? do we believe the democrat voters-the live ones-would be depressed by the absolute size of this gathering?
        I believe so.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    If that was the most recent rally in Johnson City, TN, the crowd set a record for # of people ever in that stadium (ETSU).

    • Elmo says:

      Yes, it was Johnson City. I found this video after hearing a caller to Rush from North Carolina who went to the rally. He never made it inside. He stood in line for four hours and said he had a blast doing it. He said the people there were the nicest people. He estimated the crowd was at least 100,000. I tried to find a crowd estimate online but couldn’t find one.

      • Eastwood says:

        I saw a lot of PMS151 colred shirts and knew it was Tennessee.By the way that is the univeral paint code for UT Vol orange.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    I couldn’t help laugh my ass off as I popped the top off a beer bottle and watched (briefly) the clueless Liberal asshole fake-news people on the Asheville, NC ABC TV news the afternoon of the rally in Johnson City, Tenn. They couldn’t figure out why the traffic on Rte-26 West bound and Rte-40 Westbound was bumper to bumper at 5 PM because there weren’t any wrecks reported on either highway.

  6. brighteyes says:

    Just think, if those people did not exist there would be no check just handed out at the beginning of the month. No free cell phones, no free school lunches, no free medical, no subsidized housing just no free nothing. And you just may have to go to Woik!!!!!!!!

  7. this side toward enemy says:

    And you can bet your ass that every one of those white brothers and sisters is going to vote in a month. Bad news for the demonrats, good news for America.

  8. grego says:

    Looking at the video gave me vertigo.

  9. brighteyes says:

    I can’t get this video off my mind. I was believing there were no cultured Americans left in the United States of America. It does my heart proud to see their are still fine people out there. Not a one standing in the street, not a one walking on the beautiful grass and as already noted no trash. I keep thinking how did they keep this a secret? If it weren’t secret hundreds of undesirables would have been standing in the street, blocking traffic, trashing the area and rioting in general. This gives me hope.

  10. Lineman says:

    Look at all that potential if someone wanted to give a good impression of a group they were in by handing out free bottled water and a flyer…Also anyone running a business geared towards conservatives should of been out there…Just a thought…

  11. Noah Bawdy says:

    Was that Joe Satriani playing the guitar ?

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