Friday gifdump

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  1. Scott halloween says:

    Is nobody gonna mention the guy who blew up his car with him in it and then wandered around ON FIRE!
    Inquirening minds want to know.

    • Johno says:

      It looks like a RHD vehicle, so not from the Americas, likely a Commonwealth country, maybe Australia. Probably a car thief joyrider, they like to ruin others’ property, he found out Karma can be a bitch!

  2. Ranch says:

    WTF is going on in #2?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Strong wind, saturated ground – the wind is causing the root balls of the trees to roll. I’ve seen something similar before, but not nearly as bad.

  3. #3, WTF? Driver just kept going forward, my didn’t the girls friend at least throw the can of soda at the moron behind the wheel.

    In short, as Richard Pyor said, “when you are on fire and running down the street, people will get out of your way”.

    • Jack says:

      Look closely at the wheels.The driver locked up the brakes and the anti-locks kicked in.

      • J- says:

        Slid on the mud. If there isn’t enough traction to walk there isn’t enough traction to brake.

  4. rick says:

    The green baby was cool especially juxtaposed to the woman trying a cartwheel. The idiot lighting his hair on fire makes me laugh. The last pic is a 35 ton bus on a 10 ton rated bridge.

    • mathman54 says:

      I liked the proximity of those two, also. The baby made me think all gymnasts must start somewhere. The next shows they all end somewhere.

  5. rocketride says:

    #2 That guy is standing way too close.

    #3 I’ve been to SCA events like that.

  6. nwoldude says:


  7. B says:

    I had a roommate that had a cat that would get a contact high and do the turntable thing.

    • =TW= says:

      I had a HouseCat that was Deadhead.
      Didn’t matter what song, but whenever I put a Grateful Dead record on she would stretch out near the speaker in obvious enjoyment.
      When the music stopped, she’d wander off to continue doing whatever she was doing before. (Usually, sleeping.)
      She paid no attention to any other music.

      Remarkable cat.

  8. TC says:

    #2 is a whole lot of NOPE.

  9. MMinLamesa says:

    Man I miss paragliding-that first few seconds when you get airborne are always a kick. And the phone grab was trippy

  10. Marty West says:

    I alway know that I can always come here and get a laugh. These GIF’s are priceless. TY.

  11. Plan_K_Ton says:

    Looks like phone grab is more involved than 1st glance… I did not watch it all the way through initially, thinking the snatch n grab was it… no, old guy with white hair does a simultaneous shove to opposite shoulder to distract as phone is grabbed. Grabber turns away and conceals phone behind newspapers, old bald guy in the back appears to misdirect the victim’s attention away from the phone grabber. Bottom line… walk, or talk on a phone. Doing both kills your situational awareness.

    • Robb says:

      Yup. It also looks to me like the guy with the briefcase speeds up his pace, then matches pace, as if to box him in against the railing…. 4 of them in on it!

  12. J- says:

    #12 is called “how to die of alcohol poisoning and think you a looking cool doing it.”

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