Give it up, dude – you haven’t got a chance

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13 Responses to Give it up, dude – you haven’t got a chance

  1. drjim says:

    Hey, give him something to strive for,other than a life in Mom’s basement!

  2. Hank Curmudgeon says:

    Tell me that guy ain’t Milton Waddams (Stephan Root’s character from the movie “Office Space”) when Milton around 19 or 20 years old?

  3. Joe Blow says:

    I just love this ‘no bra’ movement lately. FREE THE NIPPLE!

  4. Trish says:

    And women wonder why they get ogled, stared at and raped. My feelings on this is if you put yourself out there dressed like that you are asking for trouble. I know, I know, you men don’t mind. :) But she better be carrying or packing pepper spray if she goes down a dark street alone.

  5. crazyeighter says:

    Or, as d-i-l told my son in a similar situation, “Dude, you’re fuckin’ invisible to her”.

  6. Sanders says:

    She does look like she’d be good for 20 yrs if you went too far, though.

  7. SgtBob says:

    In college, a self-styled feminist friend often wore a white T-shirt and no bra and then bitched because guys stared when the points popped up.

  8. rastaluis@luis says:

    Ha Ha, an Apple phone!

  9. KYMIKE says:

    Anything is possible if you have enough money!!

  10. The Rat Fink says:

    Every comma in yer bank account adds an inch to yer dick.

  11. warhorse says:

    just because you’re driving a hyundai, doesn’t mean you can’t watch the ferrari go by….

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