Good Morning

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  1. nonncom says:

    Taylor Swift as a young Republican?….

  2. spiffy says:

    Typical ‘selfie’ pic- looks cute!
    Reality- Dumb as fuck?
    I had to look at that picture for a while to figure out MAYBE -how it could make sense.
    Cause it looks totally stupid-after the cute… (See attached story below…)

    Would you let your 3-4 year old sit SOLO behind wheel w/ cruise w/ cruise control on (can’t reach pedals!), (piloting) steering-driving your car??
    (yes) Dad let me sit in his lap- steering on highway as kid…
    (long before kids in front seat was illegal, heh)

    (I’m on middle of Mississippi River-50yrs…)know boats a bit.
    Sure pretty calm water (not glass.)
    Looks like 50+mph bass boat. LOOKS faster- rooster tail for daysss.
    the motor is actually (jackingplate) very high- so nice rooster tail and LOOKS fast. but is actually slow mo- lil better response time to grab wheel back.
    Still stupid…
    Motor don’t looked jacked up though.
    Yah… GET THAT PIC! Great idea!

    I also have a story-shit happens FAST-too fast…
    about little kid on a jetski-
    with dad behind him-(overlooked the attached killswitch getting kid in place…)… getting pulled off on take off, cause wter drags ya know…. Dag gets dragging= but hanging on to throttle(goes wide open).
    Dad gets yanked off. Kids in shock-wide open- tight right loop at shore (starting place naturally…)
    Miracle is kid falls off instant before ‘ski completes its half arc, and punches clean into the side of grandparent’s cabin cruiser… NIce leakey impact plug… don’t pull out till… (2nd story for later…)

    Kid OK! Dad’s horrified but grateful kid is OK. His parent’s happy to keep grandson- (well fuck that boat~)
    Holy shit…
    Glad I wasn’t there.
    I like my brother in law. He wasn’t stupid… but slipped that day. Ever more cautious ever since…

  3. spiffy says:

    Oops- not a bass boat- general runabout/ski boat. slower…fast enough…

  4. CritGenX says:

    This is another very sweet and endearing picture.

    Thank you for sharing, Sir.

    The “Good Morning” pics do add to the class you already demonstrate.

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