How soon before they attempt a full blown Kristallnacht?

ROCKFORD, Ill. — The Republican headquarters in an Illinois county was vandalized Saturday night, with the words “rape” and “shame” spray-painted on the building, WIFR reported.

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20 Responses to How soon before they attempt a full blown Kristallnacht?

  1. Christopher McNeil says:

    I guess we’re supposed to defend ourselves and exact punishment on the Dems at The Ballot Box. Let’s try that one last time before….

  2. anonymous says:

    Sooner or later, its going to be ‘On’, full throttle. People who figure protesting includes vandalism and theft of property is par for the course will get a lesson in why it ain’t.

    Just keep that shit up …

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Not long before the insane left starts trapping people in buildings and burning them down around conservatives.

  4. Lineman says:

    The real question is when will the right get its act together to counteract this shit…I’m guessing not until there is many bodies in the street and by that time it will probably be to late because there will be no trust whatsoever with anyone…Sad That…

  5. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Any shit that happens in Rockford, IL would not surprise me. I lived there once for 6 weeks. Rudest people on Earth. Cold, cold-hearted.

  6. Stretch says:

    Election Eve. To scare GOP voters from the polls.
    Off to sharpen the bayonet.

  7. Sabre22 says:

    A solution to the problem install a paint spray system that sprays hot pink dye whenever sensor on the building get tripped by an unauthorized paint product. Then the perpertrator get sprayed qwith the dye making ID easy maybe mix some bear spray in with it.

  8. nwoldude says:

    Talk like this gets us watched!
    But some thing is happening here.

  9. Shell says:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy

    The fuckers don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into.

  10. Gryphon says:

    Don’t Forget that “Kristallnacht” was the Right’s Response to “Antifa” and other (((bolshevik))) communist Groups doing this shit. “Antifa” was created by a certain non-christian, non-white ‘tribe’
    that still runs it today. Look up “George Soros” (a.k.a Grygori Schwartz) He Funds and Directs these kind of Anti-American actions, but like the rest of his Dual-Citizen kind, No ‘Law’ applies to him.

    • Djamer says:

      The law of death still applies to all. . .

    • Jeremy says:

      Kristallnacht was when Grygori’s first boss ordered his fine fellows to bust the windows of all the businesses owned by folks of Jewish backgrounds.

    • warhorse says:

      any fight between antifa and the nazis is a left wing domestic dispute. neither are right wing. the “alt right” aren’t right wing, they’re socialists. communist and socialists are basically the argument between “do we do this socialist thing just here for our guys, or do we do it for the whole world?” any other minor differences are just condiments on the same horseshit sandwich. socialism of any stripe is a death spiral, and we need to stop the ride and get off.

      I’ll happily kill socialists of whatever flavor once the shooting starts. no matter which one ends up in power people like me end up at “camp”. and I honestly don’t give a flying fuck if they claim to be “on our side”. nazis or “NatSoc” are not our friends.

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