How’d it feel, asshole?

A Texas police dog serving an arrest warrant with officers Friday at a Waco, Texas, home suddenly turned and bit his handler, forcing another officer to fatally shoot the dog, KWTX reported.

“The dog could’ve killed him,” witness Larry Dobbins said, according to KXXV. “I agree what he had to do (to) the dog. He didn’t want to but it happened.”


I can’t say I’ve ever been a proponent of police dogs, especially after seeing video after video of cops not being able to control their animals after they’ve turned them loose on suspects.

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11 Responses to How’d it feel, asshole?

  1. BiblicalViolence says:

    Often enough it’s not the inability to control their animals, it’s perhaps that they don’t want to. Strike that dog, your charged with assaulting an officer etc. Kill one, it’s murder. It makes sense that the handler prolongs the situation as long as possible; gives whoever it’s mauling more opportunity to be charged with more b.s.

    • rayvet says:

      I wish half of what you say is true. All the PO’s that have their dogs die in overheated cars. Nothing. Not a slap on the wrist, not a demotion. Nothing. If I did something to the dog, I’m charged with killing an officer. When they’re neglectful, it’s an “honest mistake”. Don’t get me wrong. I support the blue as much as anyone and these comments are not meant to malign them. I just think they shouldn’t have dogs. The frequency that the dogs come in handy doesn’t outweigh the problem those dogs (and sometimes the public) experiences from those dogs. A few years ago, I received an accolade in the local paper because of the “type” of veterinary services I provided being atypical in such a rural area. As a result, the police department asked me if I’d be their canine unit’s vet (they have 2 dogs). It was a hard decision but I had to decline because after my experiences about 20 years ago with another PD and their canine unit, I couldn’t in good conscience attach my name and reputation to their program.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I’ll consider a dog an “officer” when I hear one recite the same oath as a human police officer. Until then, they’re a tool that’s SUPPOSED to be controlled by the officer.

  2. Skipperdaddy says:

    Obviously a lone wolf attack.

  3. tomrdcinc says:

    I was in NY for a Christmas event and saw the cops with dogs. One police captain approached this group of policemen and this dog jumped up and snarled at him.

    Use dogs for bomb sniffing and stuff but not as a weapon, Its cruel to the animal and ineffective on criminals. Then they act all butthurt when one of their dogs is killed and have a parade for him. They put these dogs in danger.

  4. rayvet says:

    I think police dogs are a huge waste of time/money and put the public at large at risk. I’ve assisted with some “medical” issues in these dogs. Not impressed. With the dogs or their handlers, or the type of care these dogs receive. The dogs are unpredictable at best, and ticking time bombs at worse. Most of the guys that handle these dogs have machismo issues that border on narcissitic. Makes them very dangerous with these trained “killing machines”. I also don’t think half these dogs are good at what the officers think they are. They take “cues” from the handlers which could very easily results in a behavior by the dog that makes one think he found something. Don’t like it at all. Also, some day take a look at the number of police dogs that have died because of negligence by their officer handlers. It’s pretty regular, what being left in cars, hit by cars, getting shot by other officers. I think these dogs have their place in military/combat situation, but not in local police departments.

  5. Hillbilly says: The answer to that problem is to have a dog that out preforms the “Police Dog”

  6. bob says:

    Many of these dogs are Malinois , which can be very unpredictable once trained. currently living with my second one.

  7. Lineman says:

    Anyone remember that police dog that attacked that women who was just taking out the garbage… Funny how her life wasn’t important enough to shoot the dog…Only when it’s the Only Ones…Kings Men Right…Sad That..

  8. Kerry Stewart says:

    I hope this was my friend from work Brother in Law that got attacked. Friend told me of the time him and his wife went to the Parents In Law’s house in Waco for Christmas. Brother in Law came out to greet them and says I want to show you something. He goes to his K-9 SUV and brings the dog out and runs it around my friend’s car, Laughing the whole time. My friend got his Brother in Law to the side, and whispered in his ear, “If you ever do that again, I’ll kill you”.

  9. Jesse in DC says:

    I have always been fascinated that a cop can ask permission of a dog to violate your rights. No oath taken, no words exchanged… And somehow the SCOTUS has decided this is legal. JFC!! I am delighted the dog bit him. Hope it hurt.

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