I’m sure she’s taken, men

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11 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. Critter says:

    Brunette, miniskirt, Grey tie. Just my style.

    • Brad_in_IL says:

      I think that’s Olivia Munn. Those who read this page & also follow celebrity sh*t might know.

      • Al_in_Ottawa says:

        The TV series was called ‘Chuck’. The main star was Yvonne Strahovski, a hot Aussie.

  2. Robert the Biker says:

    That Corvette, fifth from the end, surely that blower is popping out of the hood way forward of where the engine sits! I thought even big blocks sat a long way back from the nose.

  3. Leigh says:

    The chick with the grinder must have asbestos panties.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. spaz says:


  5. handy n handsom says:

    That top one looks like a real c#nt.

  6. Harry Steele says:

    Did you see the possum in #10?

  7. PaulB says:

    the top one gets a pass. But most look to be, shall we say, interesting?

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