“It’ll roll off in a couple of miles”

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3 Responses to “It’ll roll off in a couple of miles”

  1. John Eperjesi says:

    I used to drive a car carrier delivering new cars. I remember driving down Rt 70 in NJ and getting cut off and I hit one of those things and it wedged under the fuel tank. I just thought “F@#$ it”, it’ll come off. That s.o.b. lasted more than 5 miles until I got to the dealership and had to jack up the tractor to get it out. Then it popped back into it’s original shape and looked as good as new. Probably still at the dealership. Boy did I get some looks though going down the road.

  2. Don in Oregon says:

    I once drove over one of those things at 80mph – traffic was too heavy to swerve around it – and no damage at all. I gotta say, a Mercedes is a tough beast.

    Now I drive a Hyundai and I know the same thing would probably total it.

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