Let me sing you the song of my people

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22 Responses to Let me sing you the song of my people

  1. Aelius Rex says:

    Won’t you be my neighbor?

  2. nwoldude says:

    Nice valve for a background too. :-)

  3. Exile1981 says:

    That looks like a fuel oil tank to the right. I’m hoping thats not the shooters backstop. From personal work experience bullet strikes on tanks and pressure vessels are never fun repairs.

  4. Critter says:

    Put some “Bernie” stickers on it for the appropriate level of hippyflage.

  5. Larry says:

    But softly. Sort of.

  6. Nemo says:

    Nice! Now if it only had a bump stock, it could be used in either street sweeper or sniper mode.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    I hate to say it, but I am a turncoat. I signed up last night and am now a member of Change.org. I even signed a couple of the petitions that they have trying to enforce social justice on whomever falls into their sights. But I was honest about it.
    The only way to comment on their petitions is to sign them. So I first had to agree to let them send me their email notices of the horrible things that the conservatives are doing. Then of course, after I was done with my comments, I went back and cancelled my approval for their email notices.
    It seems that several cities around the country have students who have to use only clear backpacks to take their goodies to school. And they really find that to be both demeaning and taking away their civil rights. Oh, and it won’t do anything to stop the problem of school shootings. I merely explained to them that was exactly how it was to be a gun owner who was faced with their phony gun control pleas.
    Maybe I should have sent money?

  8. Crotalus says:

    Want. In. The. Worst. Way!

  9. Oh no i dont think so says:

    Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with wierd and gilly, and the spiders from mars

  10. Seneca III says:

    I notice what I think is a double rotary magazine in the bottom right of the violin case, although I’m not aware of what the two thin cylinders immediately above it are. As a (Limey) Vet, and as a trained sniper from the age of 18 + a couple of months – trained on the use a bolt action 0.303 Lee Enfield with a 3.8 power fixed scope that could put me on a head sized target at 800+ yards 8 out of ten times – I remain to this day a bit leery of complicated feed or mechanical re-cocking systems that can so easily go wrong.

    A rifleman is as good as his training, skills and practice and despite years of experience and prolonged use of full and semi-automatic weapons, where circumstances demanded, I remain convinced that the ‘Keep it simple!’ axiom is a good baseline for long term success and survival on the battlefield.

    • Brad_in_IL says:

      Seneca III,
      Do you read Kim Du Toit? Back in the day, he founded The Nation of Riflemen.

    • Daniel K Day says:

      What look like cylinders are, I think, 2 regular box magazines submerged in the foam.

      • paulb says:

        Looks like two 50 round magazines and the thing that looks like a double snail is one of those 100 round things. Google smoking an AR barrel and you will find a guy who shot a little over 800 round in about 10 minutes. He uses 2-3 of those in the process.

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi Seneca, the double drum is called a beta mag and holds 100 rounds. The thin things are 30 round standard capacity magazines. They appear thin because you are looking at the back of them.
      I grew up with a GECO 1919 .22 single shot. I learned the value of good control and how to aim. Nobody ever told me, as a kid, that you can’t make 250-300 yard shots with a .22, so I was out doing them for years.
      I am just glad the antifa punks have not honed such skills.

      • ncgreg231LC2 says:

        i am afraid our enemies (russia, china, iran) might send “advisors” to teach antifa how to be more than just annoying! i suppose that might be a “worst case” scenario… then again, (back in 2001) i think there was a community college adviser that tried to warn the FBi that middle easterners were taking flying lessons for passenger jets. They weren’t taking any take off or landing classes, JUST the part of flying the planes. and as that story went – the FBi ignored THAT warning…

  11. ZombieDawg says:

    Reminds me of the Beretta with twin snails running full auto. That’s a sight…

  12. paulb says:

    reminds me I need to get a silencer.

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