Mean girls and stupid bureaucrats. What could go wrong?

Do the Seneca Valley School District’s abundant educational bureaucrats know anything at all about teenage girls?

A parent lawsuit put at them, which they are very likely to lose, is about to show just how incompetent and malevolent they really are as they allowed a pack of teenage “mean girls” to accuse, toss into the court system, and detain a teenage boy that the big one among them “didn’t like to look at.”

Here is what the parents say happened to him:
-John Deaux

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4 Responses to Mean girls and stupid bureaucrats. What could go wrong?

  1. Djamer says:

    AND, I would bet he is not the first, nor the last, judging by the school’s lack of admission that they were WRONG!

  2. STW says:

    Zelienople has certainly changed since I lived there 43 years ago, and not for the better.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    This is the sorta crap that starts feuds between families. If it was my kid I’d have a long talk with the girl’s parents.

  4. Tsgt Joe says:

    At the risk of sounding like I am defending the school, in Michigan and I’m sure in their state, people who are “mandated reporters” have no leeway in reporting to protective service and the police any allegations of abuse or neglect. In fact they are supposed to step aside and let the authorities investigate. They also are obligated to report any info like recantations. I do know from my professional experience that allegations take on a life of their own and unless they are obviously bogus will be given heavier weight than a later recantation. The idea that kids dont lie about abuse is still widely believed in child welfare and the denigration of men is widespread so a-girl will be more readily believed. Recantations are usually thought to be a result of external pressure. One example I remember was a girl got perped on by her step father, she recanted at trial because her mother said if “bill” goes to jail your little brother and I will be out on the street and it will be your fault. I say these things not to defend the school but to give some light to how the system works. If anyone cares I am a retired child welfare program manager who saw a lot in my 26 years on the job.

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