Meanwhile, in Minnesota…..

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  1. NewVegasBadger says:

    Minnesota is also known for sub zero temps. They will lose that smile when the temp has a minus sign in front of it. I am praying for a winter that will have a 2 week period of sub zero temps. For me it is only then when winter is a pain in the ass. Any thing else is just annoying. Maybe it will get some of them to pack-up and move back to what ever 3rd world dump they came from. F’ing welfare parasites. But since this is the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Minnesota, the Dysfunctional Family Lovers Party (DFL/Democrat) will for the sake of more votes will import more of them

  2. Roy says:

    Years ago, we were working in Dayton Ohio and we had the opportunity to work with a guy from India who had come over as an exchange worker. Vineet was a great guy to get to know and a good worker. One day, in early December, we were working together on a job and we needed a tool from the truck. Vineet volunteered to go get it. After awhile, we noticed he hadn’t come back. This was a rough neighborhood so one of the other guys went to check on him. He returned a few minutes and said: “C’mon guys, you have to see this.”

    We went and looked out the door and there was Vineet, out in the parking lot catching snowflakes on his tongue. It was coming down heavy and they were those big, fat, wet flakes about the size of a quarter. Vineet had never seen snow in his entire life. It was very entertaining.

    The only problem was that later that evening, he had to drive home in it.

  3. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Inshallah! It is cocaine from heaven!

  4. Don McCollor says:

    …there was a fellow graduate student that arrived from India to Grand Forks in Feb at -25F (and the wind howling)…we joked that they had to unbolt his seat and carry it to get him off the plane…

  5. 15Fixer says:

    We could hope they freeze to death…..

  6. add violence says:

    get the f**k out of my country before you get removed.

  7. Biff says:

    You sure they’re not just taking a dump?

  8. this side toward enemy says:

    I hope their balls freeze off.

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