Most of Us Are NOT Participating in the Hysterical Rage You See on the News

If you were to read about the United States of America from someplace else, you’d probably think it was a nation full of people who are gearing up to go to war. Anyone would think the same thing from what they saw in the media. You would see hysterical rage fueling terrible acts. You’d see the intense hatred between people who belong to different political parties. You’d believe this is nationwide.

But it’s not. Sure, there’s some tension if you talk politics, but in most places, it isn’t crazy in a life-threatening kind of way. Mostly, it’s pretty friendly.


No, most of you may not be actively participating in the violence and intimidation, but you’re also not doing a fucking thing to stop it so therefore you’re condoning it.
How come liberals aren’t marching en masse on City Hall or the PD headquarters in Portland demanding a stop to Antifa’s antics? Or any other place they’ve got a stronghold? Huh?
They’re targeting people like me and that’s okay with you? It must be because I’m not seeing anything to prove otherwise. There’s an old saying that applies here: If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.
Oh wait, here’s another one: Put up or shut the fuck up.

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9 Responses to Most of Us Are NOT Participating in the Hysterical Rage You See on the News

  1. Done in Dallas says:

    Yeah, if you are not at sites like these and not paying attention, you don’t know anything about Portland. The local ABC affiliate had a blurb on about the driver not getting charged for driving through the protest about some police killing there in Portland. No mention of the racial epitaphs, beating on cars with batons or taking over of city intersections.

  2. Aelius Rex says:

    The fact that the cops are 1 block away and doing nothing says two things:

    They have been ordered to stand down, meaning the higher ups condone the activity (why?!)

    The cops are afraid of immediate consequences, and long term consequences.

    • Unclezip says:

      Porkland’s chief is a young, black, libtard California affirmative action hire, and mayor WheelerDealer is a globalist asswipe. Wheeler is known for calling for stand downs – witness the ICE headquarters fiasco, and all the violence during the ’16 election.

      It’s gotten so that now we carry two canisters of bear spray in the truck when we have to visit that shithole. Suffice to say, there’s no shopping or eating going on.

  3. anonymous says:

    I think most of the reason why the moderate Left don’t say anything is that they sympathize with the crazier elements. Actually supporting the platform – Hell No ! You think people with a functioning brain REALLY want Socialism – nope. If they really wanted that, they could move to any country which already has it (Life is short – why deal with aggravation instead of getting Socialism now !). But they don’t. Its just getting under the Right which is the intent. Which it does, but sooner or later, some dumb ass is going to go to far and … – its on !

  4. cap'n fast says:

    I have a nephew in Portland. His wife and kids are happy people. I am sad for them that they live with this crap every day. their wedding was memorable. their children are great. I wish them a long life in the best of times.
    as for antifa in the streets, I see no difference between them and nazi brownshirts. I believe they should be treated as such. they may be someones children, but they need to be disciplined, which is something that has never happened before in their short uneducated lives.
    I often feel I am a bully in thought and deed. I think of this and I allow those thoughts to guide me when I interact with other people. as a result, I have not slaughtered any one for many years. I suppose it’s those many years of military training and discipline that causes me to constantly reflect on my past before taking action now. I am tolerant of of others opinions and I respect their accomplishments. I do not allow myself to lash out with an emotional eruption of measured violence or rage. I am in control of myself. I am a great believer in the four points of personal behavior: polite truthful honest with yourself
    4.have a plan to kill everyone around you at all times.

    as we age, some of us gain in wisdom. we spend the first twenty years of our lives gaining knowledge but wisdom takes time. Please take the time to recognize that these children have not the wisdom of experience you and I have. If not, see rule four.

  5. rightwingterrorist says:

    Much like muslims.

    The radical wants to kill you.
    The peace loving moderate wants the radical to kill you.

  6. grayjohn says:

    There are two groups involved. The group who want to be left alone, and the group who want to get shot.

  7. Jack58 says:

    Newsflash! I work with much negroes..They do the fistbump and tell me much love – but I just get the feelin; that if the SHTF they would be on the frontlines sayin’ “kill the white motherfucker and lets go kill his-un dogs and and anything else that be movin too!”
    Fuck-em ..Get’sum..Yeah, I’m on a fucking list – Getsum..I’m usually up at 0400 so come on ..
    Hell, Me and and my dogs are are close enough to dying of old age anyways..

    • Sanders says:

      My experience has been that they will always go tribal – no matter how good of friends you think you are with them, they will choose their own “kind” over you pretty much every single time. When called on it, they will say, “You just don’t understand how it is”. Damn right I don’t understand. I understand friendship and loyalty to my friends.

      Other folks’ mileage may vary, but that’s been my experience.

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