‘nother one

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  1. California southpaw. says:

    Sounds like somebody is regressing to the mean but won’t yet admit it. Haha.
    I would love to see the German word for that disease. It would be a mile long.

  2. Miracle whip is NOT mayonaise says:

    Hwat? Attraction to one gender would not actually be bisexual. Loons.

  3. john biglin says:

    The stupid fuckers created their own oxymoron and don’t have enough sense to realize it! Damn, we are doomed.

  4. John h says:

    I am sorry but none of that made any sense to me at all comments or not
    John h.

  5. singlestack says:

    This reminds me of the very confused guy on the Donahue show back in the 80s who was gay and wanted to have a sex change so he could be a lesbian.

  6. Mike-SMO says:

    Sorta-Kinda – like both but not equally. Slight preference. Undecided. Whatever doesn’t run away or start laughing….

    Lordy. It can be hard enuff when you know what floats your whatever. Then you run into a transgender….. There must be a terminology and a flag. “semisemi”?

  7. pigpen51 says:

    I think that I have made up a new term. Try sexual. For the ugly guys who simply can’t get a date, no matter how hard they try. They don’t give up, they just keep failing.

    • MadMarlin says:

      I thought Try Sexual meant the person is willing to try anything?

    • wes says:

      Nope, someone beat you to it pigpen.

      Some actress to quote “I’m a trysexual. I’ll try anything once. I’m certainly not a prude.”

      Looked for the quote, it was some gal named Kim Cattrall.


  8. ZombieDawg says:

    Should be ‘buy sexual’ cos most of ’em would have to, surely…

  9. Mike_C says:

    This isn’t stupid per se. It’s a manifestation of evil.

    I’d bet, well, a lot, that this is not so much some weirdo or lunatic, but rather some young person merely trying to fit in, because he’s been taught that to be straight (cis het) is wrong and hateful (homophobic, transphobic, racist [how this happens is totally unclear, but “racist” is the default accusation and mark of sin*] etc).

    The people who deliberately teach this, especially to young people (and it’s getting younger and younger) are evil.

    or whatever passes for sin with the Progs.

  10. H says:

    I don’t have the intellect to imagine whatever state of depravity that describes.

    Please God, if someone here can explain it to me, please let them not. At my age, there are some things I just really do not need to know, and I’m pretty sure that’s one of them.

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