Shake ’em up and spit ’em out

Washington (CNN) – As President Donald Trump grapples with a number of huge foreign policy challenges over the coming months, he is going to have to make some key decisions on the generals who advise him and lead the US military.

Behind the scenes, the White House and Pentagon are looking for a new slate of senior officers to fill several key jobs with several senior military figures set to retire.
Defense Secretary James Mattis is playing a central role in making recommendations for nominations that will have to be confirmed by the Senate. No one knows how long Mattis will stay in his job or the names he is recommending. But the new crop of senior commanders could help shape military operations and policy for some years to come.


Check out CNN, trying to act all legitimate and shit.

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3 Responses to Shake ’em up and spit ’em out

  1. Sanders says:

    He needs to get rid of any general officer that was left over from the Obambi purge of the military.

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